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Jun 23, 2011 11:30 AM

Sambo's -- best place for crabs in Delaware

Sambo's is on the water. Sambo's doesn't allow kids. Sambo's has lump-meat crab cakes. Sambo's serves cold pitcher's of Yuengling. Sambo's always throws in an extra blue crab or two with your order. Sambo's takes reservations.

Sambo's feels like its been there forever, the waitresses are sassy, and it's more of a locals place. We've been vacationing summers in DE for over thirty years and always stop at Sambo's on the way in and out.

Tip: You can choose between Old Bay seasoning or their house seasoning. The house seasoning has a milder heat and more salt. Sambo's will also blend the two.

Sambo's Tavern
283 Front St
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 674-9724

Sambo's Tavern
283 Front St, Leipsic, DE 19901

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  1. Is that the place that serves a slimy green drink in mason jar mugs?

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      1. re: Hershey Bomar

        Been to Sambo's once. That says it all. On the other hand the slimy green drink sounds promising.

      2. Great place to eat, anytime, But don't try to get in onRace weeks, it reservations only, and you better know Alva. All the race drivers and teams eat there. Alva will throw anyone out who asks a race celebrity for an autograph, or bothers them in any way. All the biggies are there, it is crowded and noisy, but somehow the quality of the food doesn't suffer.
        Nice for the drivers to have somewhere they don't have to worry about being bothered during a meal. And when you hear the announcers talk about crabcakes on the air, that's the place they are talking about. We went a few times on race weekend, but prefer it when it's not so busy.

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        1. re: Nanzi

          Never seen an issue with anyone at Sambo's involving drivers. Most are very accommodating.. If anything, the some of the NASCAR teams (particularly freshman and sophomore Nationwide) can act like real idiots. More than once I have seen entire teams which took up three tables in the front room walk out because they weren't served within five minutes of being seated. I've sat with drivers and teams and marketing reps and most have always been great.

          It should be known, unless things have changed, crabs are only served at tables, not the bar. Nice place, crabs come right off the boat, so fresh isn't an issue.

          Just don't speed in and out of Leipsic, you will be ticketed. :)

          1. re: Irishmafia

            When the people with our party were asked to leave, it was done so quietly and quickly over half of us didn't know it happened. They were out of towners and our group didn't know them well. Apparently they asked The King for an autograph, which we didn't see, and the next thing we knew they had vanished. And yes it does get loud in there sometimes, esp Race Wknd.
            Great place and hosts.