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Jun 23, 2011 10:18 AM

Suggestion for a Casual Dinner in the FQ close to Canal

Last nigt in town - wondering if you can suggest a nice, casual dinner closer to Canal in the FQ.

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  1. Casual as in Felix or Acme, or casual as in Dominica or Mr. B's?

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      1. re: Cookie Baker

        Then I'd opt for either Felix's, or Acme.

        I like Felix's, but half of my family swears by Acme. Neither will be bad, and should be about equal, though there CAN be a line for Acme. If so, make a 180◦ turn, cross the street, and you are at Felix's.



        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Redfish Grill. On Bourbon one block off Canal!
          Peace Out!