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Jun 23, 2011 09:07 AM

LA Chowhound staying Downtown (Sheraton) for week of meetings

Looks like lots of chains in the 'hood . . . Wanting to try local good food - the spots that are not designed for tourists. Friends are taking me to Aunt Pitty Pat's Porch for "authentic" Southern cuisine . . . other suggestions on that front ??

Disappointed to see Craft here has closed . . . but again looking for great food that is local . . .

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  1. Downtown is pretty limited in non-chain options...You would have to head north or east for some more local non-chain options...short cab rides (or MARTA subway rides).

    When I have guests in from out of town, I usually take them to Fox Brothers BBQ (Texas-influenced southern BBQ, so maybe not truly local), more for the "roadside" ambiance than anything. It's east of downtown and a couple blocks from the Candler Park Marta stop. Ribs, pulled pork and brisket are good choices here, along with the mac & cheese and the "Tomminator" appetizer (tater tots with Brunswick stew and melted cheese).

    The other frequent request from out-of-town guests are suggestions to get fried chicken...lots of opinions on whose is better. A couple options close by are JCT Kitchen on Howell Mill Rd in the Westside, South City Kitchen on Crescent St in Midtown, Parish on N Highland Ave in Inman Park.

    There are alot of non-Southern/local options as well...since you're coming from LA, skip any suggestions for Mexican or Asian foods...they'll be comparatively disappointing. Hope you have a good trip!

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      Totally disagree on the notion that there isn't "good Asian food" in Atlanta. On the contrary, I'd argue that Atlanta (and Georgia as a whole) has some of the best Korean in the US. Period. Just venture along Buford Highway or go north on 85 to the community of Duluth, GA - which is basically Georgia's "Korea Town." You will not go wrong there.

    2. Try Bacchanalia in Atlanta. It is some of the best Italian food that I've ever tasted. Either that or Woodfire, also in downtown Atlanta. The food is amazing and the menu changes based on the what's in season now. Some other good places to try are Noni's and Ann's Snack Shack/Snack Bar.
      Just remember one thing going into Ann's, if you don't have good manners, you don't get your food.

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        1. re: acole3201

          Bacchanalia...Italian? No.
 downtown? No.

          Bacchanalia is a good suggestion, but it's not Italian. Arguably the best in town.
          Woodfire is nowhere near downtown, but again a good suggestion.

        2. While I would disagree quite strongly with Lucy about some of our Asian and Mexican selections (We have perhaps two of the best Szechaun style chef's in the US here), I will not point you in that direction. My recommendations are:

          I second the Bacchanalia and Woodfire rec's.

          Carvers and Silver Skillet for authentic meat & 3. Skip Mary Mac's, it is living on it's reputation.

          Harold's BBQ for an Atlanta institution BBQ spot.

          Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles - it is right downtown and pretty interesting.

          FLIP, Farm Burger in Decatur or Yeah Burger - any of these three is worth the drive, wait or whatever you might encounter.

          As I think of more, I will post more up.

          Silver Skillet
          200 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

          1. Thanks all. Leaving town in morning. did try both PittyPat and Mary Mac . . . definitely tourist spots sitting in their laurels . . . disappointing. . . . Loved Sotto Sotto in inman Park area. One last lunch tomorrow between here an airport TBD. many thanks for all th great advice

            Sotto Sotto
            313 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307

            1. Check out Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint, across from the Ritz, for southern style food and live music every night!! Great ribs, and other specialties. Pittypat's has been around for 30+ years...I used to go there on business trips, but haven't been there, or know anyone who has been there in years!!! There are so many newer versions of southern style cuisine, that you must ask your hosts to consider, such as Empire State South, which is located midtown.