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Jun 23, 2011 09:03 AM

Need recc. for work party

I've been put in charge of a congratulations party for a coworker who has been promoted. I'm estimating 30-40 people (peers + spouses) with who-knows-what-tastes in food, so menu must be friendly to the general public. Cocktail hour before dinner as people arrive can be in the bar area or in a private room (if available). A private room would be preferred for dinner, but not necessary. Budget around $30-40/person, not including cocktail hour. As for location, the majority of guests live North of the Perimeter (Alpharetta, Roswell, Dunwoody) with the rest all ITP, so I'm thinking Perimeter area north, trying not to go all the way to Alpharetta...but would prefer keeping it closer to Perimeter because I am one of the in-towners (self-serving). Initially I thought of La Grotta, but wanted a few other ideas from the CH crowd since I don't head North on 400 very often. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You know, it's not fancy and it's a chain, but Maggiano's does a really good job with these types of things and there's one at Perimeter Mall.

    1. LaGrotta is great---ive had many private events there--theres a room downstairs from the main restaurant that opens to an outside deck--we usually would have drinks outside,then come in for eats--also Fleming is good too, not as spacius as Grotta. same with Wildfire. The Tavern In Alpharetta is ok gets a little crowded and not as celebratory as LaGrotta.Thers also an event place in Norcoss, maybe 2 blocks form the train station--cant recall the name--but it was nice--youd have to cater it-- heres a link to Open Table that might help in your search 7:00:00 PM&n=934,338,2243,337,1422,6206,5318,6740,3344,1492,4958,6119,1346,481,4406,411,349,6293,5033,480,767,6305,646,7262,2567,340,1411,346,5822,416,348,452,360,7733,343,933,351,6521,1474,352,353,534,531,5111&t=reg&scpref=105&1=1#state{MetroAreadID:16|MacroID:199|NeighborhoodList:338,3344,348|PriceList:2|CapacityList:21|SearchType:reg|RequestedRegions:199}

      1. I've attended a nice event at LaGrotta that was of similar size. Maybe look at Villa Christina as well.

        Villa Christina
        4000 Summit Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30319