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Jun 23, 2011 08:55 AM

Name of gelateria


I was in Milan a few weeks ago - there is a newish chain, that uses all natural ingredients and makes a big thing with pictures on the wall, of provenance (ingredients from Peru, Chile etc). One branch is next to Grom near Duomo... can anyone tell me the chain name.

Also, are there any more avant garde/ interesting new ice-cream places that have popped up recently?

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  1. Could it be Rivareno? This chain just opened in Florence last year and it's got a very modern, sleek look like you described in your post.

    They make good gelato in unusual flavors like Himalayan Mango and yogurt (Mmmm...)

    1. Which city are you looking for? Or Italy in general?

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        Hi again

        Actually it was Milan but now can be Italy in general - any new chains that are using unusual flavours - this chain I saw in Milan I referred to in my original post was next to Grom near the Duomo, but also travelling through rest of Italy so any new exciting places to know about would be great - with perhaps a new take on gelato

        via del Campanile, Florence, Tuscany 50122, IT

      2. when we were in MIlano last week I noticed a gelateria right next to the Via Santa Margherita,16 Grom location - didnt see an obvious name.

        doing a websearch, I find a gelateria named LG at via Santa Margherita 14

        dont know if this is the right one. there seems to be more than one location in MIlan.

        the fact is, there are so many gelaterias in the area around the Milan Duomo that it would take a major research project by someone interested in gelato (not me) to figure out which are best.

        the one thing I can state categorically is that Grom's granitas and sorbettos are not very good. I have had coffee, lemon, and now rasberry and peach and none of them impressed favorably. the coffee granita (this was in NY) impressed me poorly as too finely grained and it tasted like instant coffee not fine expresso (but the preground illy also tastes that way to me these days)

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          I've yet to eat a Grom gelato I enjoyed. They really do taste "scientific" to me, not enjoyable. But like jenkalb, gelato is not a big interest of mine.


          It would be easier to answer your question if you said where else in Italy you are going. In the meantime, I'm not sure how new you mean, but it hasn't been all that long that Venchi, the Torinese chocolatier, has been opening chain gelaterie. I've not tried any, or noticed if they serve any unusual flavors.

          via del Campanile, Florence, Tuscany 50122, IT

        2. Is it Rivareno? They promote that they use ingredients from all over the world (like Himalayan Mango and yogurt flavor). Here is the link:

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            the place the OP saw next to Grom near the Duomo was definitely NOT Rivareno.

            But it looks like they do have branches in Milano so could be a good tip for Milan anyway.