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Jun 23, 2011 08:54 AM

ISO chocolate-covered pretzels

I know I could easily make these myself, but hubby has a new-found love of these and I'd like to be able to pick some up occasionally.

I'm looking for high-quality chocolate, and preferably the large pretzel rods, so the kind you can get at Bulk Barn or the grocery store aren't what I'm looking for.

I figure there must be some chocolate shops around that make these. Any sightings?

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  1. Godiva I believe makes them

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate store is another place (several locations around the city)

    You can also get them at Twisted Sisters ( )

    1. The Chocolateria on Roncesvalles has the rods, and is definitely high quality chocolate. Yum.

      1. Thanks, you two! I ended up picking up a can of them at Godiva, just because I was walking by one this weekend. They are the twists rather than the rods, but hubby is plenty happy with them. While Godiva chocolate is not usually my thing, it works just fine for this need. Many, many levels above the "Flipz" crap you can get in the grocery store. So thanks again! I'll check out the other locations when I'm in those neighbourhoods.

        1. Around Christmas I was seeing a dark chocolate version by Snyders of Hanover that wasn't bad. But it was at odd locations like Toys R us and Zeller's I think.

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            So you're the person who got julesrules before me!!!! Great choice of screen names!
            But to stay on subject, my son likes the Snyders white chocolate ones but can only find them seasonally.

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              Hi jules :) the white chocolate ones sound good too, will look for them this Christmas.

          2. You might try the Chocolate Messenger on Bayview S of Eglinton...they have lots of interesting stuff...