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Jun 23, 2011 08:37 AM

Snack foods and Junk foods unique to your area!

My friends and I are AVID foodies!

We are planning a road trip based around local and regional snack foods!

We have about five weeks, and are planning to make a small documentary about our fantastic adventure!

Please tell us about any snack foods or junk foods that lie in wait in your city or region just waiting to be sampled!!

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Hush Yo Mouth!!! :) ~~~~ also Grattons/Crackllins, Pork Skins....Pass the Hot Sauce please.......

      Best if eaten warm just out of the pot........

    2. Orlando has no unique food culture of its own, but Miami has wonderful Latin-American and Caribbean food that would be hard to find elsewhere in the country:

      Cuban sandwiches with roast pork, sweet ham, swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles, pressed flat on buttered Cuban bread (or sweeter yellow bread for a Medianoche sandwich, which I prefer, or add in genoa salami for a Tampa-style Cuban).

      Half moon-shaped empanadas, with seasoned ground beef (picadillo) wrapped in flaky baked or fried dough.

      Pastelitos, sweet pastries stuffed with cream cheese, guava paste, or a combination.

      Croquetas, thumb-shaped tubes of deviled ham, rolled in bread crumbs and deep-fried.

      These all go perfect with strong, sweet Cafe Cubano or lighter cafe con leche, guarapo (fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice), or batidos (milkshakes made from tropical fruit like mango, guava, and mamey).

      1. Bakesale Betty's on Telegraph Avenue right at the Oakland/Berkeley border sells an astonishingly good fried chicken breast sandwich with jalapeno coleslaw. Granted, it's not a unique food, but damn....NOBODY does it better.
        Also it's great that for tables they use ironing boards covered with pretty printed cloths instead of regular tables.
        Also it's great that she has a marvelous shade of electric blue hair, cut into a sharp-ass pageboy.

        1. Where to begin for my area? Soft pretzels. Whoopie pies. Utz chips. Bassett's ice cream. Cheesesteaks and hoagies. Shoofly pie. Wilbur chocolate. Hershey's chocolate (yes, I know it's international, but its home is less than two hours away). Real birch beer.

          Then, if you go less than an hour east you have Taylor pork roll, jersey tomatoes, saltwater taffy.

          I know I've forgotten more than I have listed . . .but it's a start.

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          1. re: gaffk

            Can you adopt me, please? I want to live right by all that potential deliciousness. Want a big soft mustardy pretzel NOW.

            1. re: mamachef

              Of course I'll adopt you :) But then, you probably would never run into Hubert while having a cigarette again ;)

          2. Here in San Diego, we have the ever popular Fire Cheetos. I suspect they are not unique to my city but I haven't seen them in my travels around the State.