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Jun 23, 2011 06:32 AM

After dinner drinks in Ballard

I am going to be eating at Staple & Fancy on the weekend, and was wondering if there were any great bars/taverns to have drinks afterward in the Ballard area. I would prefer to walk from Staple.. but would have a car.


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  1. Hazelwood is a good place to drink if you're a vintage cocktail fan.

    Fu Kun Wu (Thaiku's bar) is a lot of fun. They're going for an opium den vibe.

    Ocho and the back bar at Bastille are nice but can get really crowded on weekend evenings.

    These are all within walking distance of Staple & Fancy. Bastille and Fu Kun Wu are on Ballard Avenue, and Hazelwood and Ocho are on Market between Ballard and Shilshole.

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      Moshi Moshi has great cocktails.

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        I second Hazelwood. Tight spaces, a lil cramped, but your best options if you want good cocktails.

        If you're just looking for beer, Noble Fir would be your best best for good ambiance and selection.

      2. Hi, nmrios:

        If you don't mind a short drive, the cocktails at Sambar (the bistro side of Le Gourmand) are quite good. Right now they also have a traditionally-made Poire (sparkling pear cider) that is awesome.


        Edit: I neglected to mention Le Bonton Roule on Leary

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          Thanks, for the great suggestions.

        2. Hazelwood's good, but always annoyingly crowded. The bar at Moshi Moshi is fine, but not my thing.
          I like Bastille's cocktail program and the back room is nice.
          I'll also throw in a word for La Isla. Great aged run selection and solid carribean cocktails.

          La Isla
          2320 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107