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Jun 23, 2011 04:44 AM

Anything worthy in Abington/Jenkintown Area

I know this is last minute...but will be heading into abington area later today for an appt....THinking maybe we should have early dinner while out that way. Was wondering what, if anything, is in the Jenkintown Train Station (oh how i miss Greenfield Grille...from years ago)....
Let me know your thoughts....

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  1. Not speaking from experience (yet) but Trevi in Glenside (where Rizzo's used to be) has received very favorable reviews from fellow Hounds.

    1. What kind of food/atmosphere are you looking for?

      If you are looking for a quick bite in a pub-like atmosphere I would highly recommend the Drake Tavern.

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        The Drake is convenient (we live around the corner), but the food is often WAY too salty. If we're driving, I prefer Vintage which is a little further down Old York Road in Abington (on the left, just past the YMCA). West Avenue Grill is consistent, if a bit ho-hum.

      2. Thanks for the help on short notice!!
        We ended up at Blue Sage old favorite. It was wonderful once again....We had avocado-red lentil tare-tar with homemade chips, a wonderful roasted tomato gazpacho, sliders and a mediterranean sampler...all was wonderful along with great service...never disappoints!