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Jun 23, 2011 12:41 AM

Food Festivals 2011 in Southern California

Jun 24 – 26, Ventura County: Greek
Irvine: Greek

Jun 25 – 26 Vista: Scottish Highland Games

Jun 25, 2011 Montebello: Armenian

Jun 25, 2011 Ojai Valley: Lavender

Jun 25, 2011 San Geronino: Mexican

Jun 25, 2011 San Diego: Street Fair & Chili Cook off

July 2-3 Long Beach: Pirate Invasion

What other food festivals are coming up?

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    1. Eat Real is at the Helms Bakery the 16th and 17th of July.

      1. First Taco festival in Los Angeles this weekend June 26

          1. This weekend July Festivals in So Cal:

            8-10 Redondo Beach: Greek

            9: Garden Grove: Kimchee


            9-10 Los Angeles: Lotus (Asian & Pacific Islander)

            10Long Beach: Street Food Truck

            10 Orange County: Colombian

            Torrance: Japanese Summer Fest

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              dined, you seem to be the source for such things! any good ones coming up in greater LA?

              1. re: Rosiepigs

                I clicked on the website I provided to dined above and saw that in early August (6th thru the 8th) San Pedro is holding their 22nd "Taste of San Pedro" event with some 30 restaurants participating.

                On August 7th you can try out:

                1. re: Servorg

                  Adding to Servorg,

                  In July,

                  23-24 Los Angeles, Japanese Obon (free)

                  24 Los Angeles: Peruvian $20? (online

                  30-31 Garden Grove: Pow Wow (Native American

                  30-31 Long Beach: Crawfish (admission as low as $13)http://www.longbeachcrawfishfestival....

                  30-31 Long Beach: Dragon Boat (Chinese)

                  30-31 Los Angeles: Japanese Obon

                  30-31 Oxnard: Salsa

                    1. re: dined

                      I saw that on your page and was thinking of going!

                      Thanks very much for your blog. It's a great resource. I know have it bookmarked.