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Jun 22, 2011 11:03 PM

How to make the crumb covering on doughnuts?

A friend challenge me to make a crumb cake doughnut. I got the doughnut part down, but not the crumb. What is the best way to make a basic crumb covering for doughnuts? Is it usually the kind the goes on coffeecake? Or is it a type that does not need to be baked? I was thinking it may be similar to a graham cracker crust recipe.

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  1. It's probably better known as "streusel", and that is made from flour, butter, and sugar. I don't have an exact recipe to give you, but you can more easily find ones if you use that word.

    I think it can be baked first or added raw, but that depends on what it's going on top of... coffee cake, you could bake it with the cake. I assume you're frying the donuts, so I suppose you'd have to bake it first, then affix it to the donut somehow.