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Sushi Deli 1- Avoid this place!!

Awful, terrible. Do not go here. Sure, the food is ok and is actually good given the very low prices. There is a long wait and it is noisy, but that is no surprise. But, today I had a horrible experience. My son and I arrived at 1:15 pm. End of lunch rush but 75 minutes before closing. We ordered quickly and the waitress brought our soups right away. But, then, before barely starting the soup the waitress brings my son's order, chicken tempura platter. Ummm, ok, that isn't terrible, but. Then,, no food for me. No waitress. Or I see her but she runs by without stopping. I ordered the sushi monthly special so nothing esoteric or unusual, in fact, something that they are presumably making frequently all day long. 20 minutes goes by. My son is starving so he starts eating his now cold chicken tempura. The waitress finally stops by (I have my head on the table) and says she is sorry for the delay. I try to ask her how much longer but she is gone. 10 more minutes, my son is done eating and still no sushi. Still no waitress. Or rather, she is there but she passes our table at supersonic sppeds. So we just left. This place is terrible. To serve one person at a table 30+(?+++) minutes before the other, to never tell me when my food would be ready or to offer a substitute or an appetizer, awful. Do not go here

Sushi Deli 1
228 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

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  1. "she is there but she passes our table at supersonic sppeds"

    On the plus side, at least America might be able to field a good female sprinter in the next Olympics. Right?

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      On the plus side, at least I will never need to wait in the frequently monster lines there...

    2. "Still no waitress. Or rather, she is there but she passes our table at supersonic sppeds. So we just left." - So you left without paying ?

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        I paid cash, no tip, but added sales tax and rounded up for my son's meal. We both were drinking water. So, I guess I did not pay for my miso soup. That's it.

      2. I've never understood Sushi Deli. It was pretty awful the one and only time I went some years
        back. You couldn't pay me enough to eat there.

        If you're talking about the one on Washington, RK sushi just down the street is 10x times
        better and pretty close to the same price. Though, unfortunately, I think it's getting discovered
        and there are starting to be long lines there now too.

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          is that the one that was the Rice King? I thought they just rebranded that location lol

          1. re: MrKrispy

            No, that place is very nearby though, a bit further west on Washington.

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              Yeah, it's the old Rice King (and before that KFC) location, right across the side street
              from the old Big Bear (now Albertson's) and Wells Fargo (formerly San Diego Trust & Savings).

            2. re: mikec

              Same here, I dont know what the appeal is. I went to the one Downtown since its closer to me and my Wife and I were pretty much disgusted.

              I figure its there for tourists. Let them have it.

              1. re: kriot

                The people who line up every day and crowd up Sushi Deli in Downtown are almost exclusively locals, including a ton of attorneys from the County Courthouse. I know a judge who dismisses his cases 15 minutes earlier than most so he can get to Sushi Deli before the crowds.

                1. re: scottca075

                  Yeah, I agree.

                  It is nearly 100% san diego locals.

            3. What did the manager say when you called or emailed to advise them of your experience?

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                I could not find an email for the place, even though it does have a web site. I did call. I had to leave a message for the manager. I have not heard back.

              2. Well you learned what Sushi Deli is about the hard way unfortunately. Its cheap and caters to those who value quantity over quality. Its great when you are drunk or at least have a palette that that cannot discern between a Filet o Fish from McDonalds and a Big Mac. Way overrated.

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                1. re: hopheadsd

                  " Its great when you are drunk"

                  Aren't they only open for lunch during the week?

                  Must do some heavy morning drinking before walking in I guess.

                2. Yeah don't go here because I love Sushi Deli and I can never get in for dinner because the wait is so long.

                  So all of you stay away so I can eat here.

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                  1. re: scottca075

                    scottca: You can also have Hodad's, Kono's, and Broken Yolk.

                    Hodads Restaurant
                    5010 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

                    1. re: globocity

                      Great, how about Burger Lounge, Hash House-a-go-go, Rei do Gado and the Cheese Shop too.

                      Rei do Gado
                      939 Fourth Ave., San Diego, CA 92101

                      1. re: scottca075

                        Hash House-a-go-go - If you care about quantity instead if quality

                        1. re: honkman

                          But don't care for our environment. Just think how many Rosemary bushes are cut down every year for the small trees included with every entree.

                          Granted, Rosemary is a renewable resource.

                          1. re: Fake Name

                            My experience is that just four or five rogue rosemary bushes in your back yard would be enough to supply the Hash House. I'm betting that stuff that grows in front of the place is what goes on the plates. :)

                    2. I go to Sushi Deli on Washington Street often. So shoot me.

                      I have a rule, however, I NEVER stand on line. If it's full, I leave. The food is not bad, but not good, but it's nearby, the folks are nice, the service is usually good. Granted- I go by myself and sit at the bar, I get a diet coke and a monthly Bento Special. It's lunch and it's there, and I can only eat at El Cuervo so many times.

                      Go ahead, revoke my ChowHound Status.

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                      1. re: Fake Name

                        Re. Sushi Deli Two, the point of my original post was not really about the quality of the food. I personally think it is ok given the low prices and I am not rich so I WANTED to go there more often. My point was that my son (he is 18) and I, mild-mannered, normal looking people, received about the worst service I have ever received in San Diego. Carolyn