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Jun 22, 2011 08:04 PM

Has anyone eaten at the "Hash House a Go-Go" at Harrah's in Reno

A friend of mine in Reno loves it and the pictures she has posted on FB look pretty good. She says it's easy to get to and child friendly. I'm just curious as I'm heading to Reno in a couple weeks.

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  1. The reviews on Yelp have been less than enthralling. Lots of people have reviewed it, excited to try out a new Reno establishment that could possibly become iconic. Very few have said much beyond too much food, too bland, too pricy. I'm planning to check it out sometime this summer, maybe even Friday night (I'm staying at the Harrah's).

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      Since you're not getting many replies, I'll mention that I went to the Sahara Ave location in Las Vegas. It's been over a year, and the visit was not very memorable. My take is that they try to be creative, but, I have doubts about whether many of the creations actually work. You can get a big breakfast, but, it isn't cheap. It looks like they are turning into quite the chain. You'll find plenty of info on the Vegas board, FWIW.

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        Been to the one out Sahara in Vegas a couple times for breakfast and thought it was OK. We hit up the new one in Reno last month and while the food was just OK, the service was horribly slow. The manager came around to all tables just to chat but wasn't very receptive when I told him we waited 30 minutes for our wings. Probably go back because my girl likes the place but wouldn't be my choice.