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Carl's Jr. 6 Dollar Burgers?

We don't get out of Baja that often, but last week, we ate lunch at Carl;s.

The Guacamole Bacon Burger was huge. I took 3/4 of it home and it was very good, reheated, the next day.

Is the Portobello Mushroom Burger worth ordering? Or, for a wandering traveler, what else is good t?

It is a sentimental question since I knew the the Karcher family from back when.

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  1. If we are going FF burger noshing then it's always Carl's. My wife inevitably orders the one you chose. I am partial to one that is "off menu" but available. The "double chili cheese burger" (without mustard). My wife likes their "criss-cross" fries but I am still partial to their regular fries (the natural ones they do now have the skin on, which I prefer).

    1. Just the basic Six Dollar cheeseburger is easily my favorite chain burger, and IMO generally better than some I've had in fancier places for $15 and up. The bun is the weak link, soaking up the sauce and turning to mush halfway through, so I order mine on the side and apply it as I go. Of course the level of goodness varies from time to time, or place to place, but the general superiority of this burger plus the civilized service if I'm eating in makes this an excellent choice.

      1. I'm happy to have read this today.
        Didn't know other than what my husband had told me which was just one time at one in the valley.
        Don't know which one he chose though.

        1. ...and to answer your question, the portabello burger is worth ordering. That is my second favorite to the guac/ bacon. I always thought they had damn fine (though incredibly fattening) food for a fast food joint. I used to get their sausage breakfast burrito and a side of the sausage gravy for their biscuits and gravy at breakfast and dunk away. I'm not quite that gluttonous these days but it sure was (really friggin') good!

          1. I've found the $6 burger line to be quite good. A large step up from the bulk of the other chains.

            Will, I like the simple bun for a burger. I like it if the whole things loses its structural integrity.


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              If you like to eat half of it off your lap, I'm glad you're happy. I hate anything that loses its structural integrity while I'm trying to do something with it, whether it's a disintegrating burger or a bed coming all unmade. The genuine authentic Mexican taco is right at my outer limit of tolerance for that: if I can wrap it so that I can get that one last bite just as it's falling apart I'm okay. As for the SDB, I don't want it dripping with sauce anyway; the right amount for my taste and for preserving the bun's integrity are pretty much the same.

            2. They are called Hardee's here in the Midwest and I am quite fond of em. Their burgers can't be compared to some of the greats I’ve eaten at diners and other independents, but they punch above their weight for fast food. I've had worse burgers at mid-tier chains like TGI Fridays/Applebees/Chilis at for twice the price. I also like that they are always running promotions for oddball items like chili dogs, sourdough burgers and chicken-fried steaks.

              Their breakfast biscuits though, are legitimately great by any measure. I’ve never had a better biscuit from a Southern diner, my own kitchen, or anywhere else. their sausage has a great sage flavor, and their eggs appear to be actually fried on a griddle instead of stamped out of a steam press ala McDonald’s.

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                I agree completely. Ridiculously good biscuits, given their provenance, and sausage and eggs that actually taste like sausage and eggs. Their fried chicken can be quite good too, although that varies wildly from store to store; I talked my brother into pulling in for some going through Poplar Bluff, MO, and it was like chicken jerky.

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                  Ah, we don't have fried chicken at Hardee's. I think they used to offer it but it was phased out in the 90's, more's the pity. We do have a 99 cent fried chicken sandwich which is about the best thing you can get for a dollar at any fast food restaurant, anywhere.

                  Here is a Hardee's breakfast which will take the pain out of a long commute: one order of biscuit and gravy, and one plain sausage biscuit. Take the sausage patty out of the biscuit and chop it into the gravy. Now you have two plain biscuits, which is just right for the amount of gravy. Eat this sitting on the hood of your car in the Hardee's parking lot and watch the sun come up.

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                    I believe our stop in Poplar Bluff was in the mid-'90s …

                    I can't deal with gravy when I'm on the road, and I either want to sit at a table or nibble while I'm driving. My FF breakfast is the 2-for-1 McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with Egg and a hash browns cake: break the HB cake in two, stuff each half into one of the muffins (between cheese and bread gives the best traction) and with a little practice you have a one-hand nosh for maybe ten miles.

              2. Their burger might be good if I could ever get one that was hot! Every Carl's Jr. burger I've ever ordered was cold.

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                  Please folks,those burgers are not cooked to order!

                  I suspected as much and asked a chatty drive through girl.The burgers are run through something like a quiznos conveyer belt to heat them up.

                  I remember Hardee's from he 60's,there was a huge plume of grill smoke that hit you from blocks away.

                  If you have the chance,hit a Cookout Burger.They are only in the southeast,but holy crap they are like Hardee's when you were a kid!

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                    I simply ask them for my double chili cheeseburger to be prepared WITHOUT mustard...ta da! I get a fresh, hot cooked to order burger each and every time.

                2. My Goodness! I half expected to get yelled at (strike through), severely chastised on this thread. I really appreciate the informed responses.

                  Going north from Baja to San Diego tomorrow and would greatly appreciate advice about the "Cold Burger" problem.

                  I always ask for fries without salt, and get hot, fresh ones (can't have the traveling service dog eat salty fries, you know).

                  So, if I don't want to order a "Double Chile Cheese Burger", but a "$6 Guacamole Bacon Burger", what should I say?

                  I am really grateful for the good advice about ordering the dressings on the side to avoid the "Soggy Burger Bun Syndrome". I have been ordering "dressing on the side" for my salad for years, but, DOH!, it never occured to me to apply this logic to Fast Food.