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Jun 22, 2011 05:41 PM

The Local - new cafe in Souderton

While in Souderton today for a doctor's appt. and to bring a Turtle Pecan Latte (from Main St. Java) to my daughter at work at Univest Bank, I saw that the old Caboose Grille now had a new name. I went inside to pick up a menu and had a lovely conversation with Alan - the owner and two of his wait staff, Kelsey and Stephanie. Alan is a Vince Vaughn look-a-like and was more than willing to give me a little overview of his new place. They are open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sun 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. Dinners are served on Fri-Sat from 4:30 - 10:30 p.m. Nice wooden tables and wooden floor inside the old station and several outside patio tables available which are shaded by the train station overhang. Lunch and breakfast menu consists of the basic breakfast and lunch fare, but I was intrigued by the "Lost in Italy" burger that Alan said was named for a burger he ate while literally "lost at the side of the road in Tuscany". The dinner menu varies based on what meat and produce are available that week from local vendors. Alan did mention that he usually has Squash Lasagne as one of the featured weekend entrees - especially during the Summer months. Prices looked very affordable. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Farm-to-Table restaurants that are so popular now. The Local is a BYOB and is located at the intersection of Main St. and Route 113 in Souderton right next door to the Univest bank HQ. Plan to go for dinner in a few weeks. Wish this weekend wasn't so busy. Will report back once I get to experience this lovely new place. Let me know if any other CHOWS try it in the meantime. Chow for Now.

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  1. Thanks for being a great hound and sniffing out some new uncharted territory curly girl.

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      You're welcome givemecarbs. I actually went there for lunch today - just so I could report back here on the actual food. One of the daily specials was a Tomato, Basil and Cheese Omelet with Home Fries and Toast. Since it was 11:30 and I had not eaten breakfast, I ordered that and have to say I was not disappointed. The basil was fresh, not dried and the tomatoes were really good too. Home fries were cooked well - not burned - and not greasy. My meal, along with a lemonade, came to $6.87 plus tax and tip. I ate at the counter and chatted with the wait staff - Stephanie and Kelsey. Both lovely girls who worked at the former restaurant. Spoke briefly with the owner, Alan, again and then he headed off to get fresh produce for the weekend dinner offerings. We are definitely planning to go for dinner once we have a free weekend evening.

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        Nice. Especially interested in the home fries. Getting them cooked right is not a given.

    2. Does anyone have a phone number for this restaurant? I tried Google and came up with nothing. Any help would be appreciated!


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      1. My mom and her friends enjoyed meal at the Local... Just wanted to post another positive experience

        1. We also had a lovely dinner here a few weeks ago and decided to try brunch on Sunday 9/4.

          We waited about a hour, to get our food, they were out of salmon, english mufins for Eggs Benedict, griddle cakes..... There was a table of 6 near us they had waited an hour and half, 5 of them finally did get their Eggs…. The one gentlemen sat there while everyone else ate… his came after they were all done, he had ordered Eggs. Now, as much as I want to like this restaurant, and we will try breakfast again, I find it hard to believe they could run out of so many ingredients and been so slow in filling Breakfast Orders consisting of EGGS… How hard could it be..? There is a fine bread store down the street could they not have run down there for muffins to at least tide us over till our sub-standard meal finally did arrive? Could they not send someone to the store for English Muffins, Salmon???? This was a holiday weekend, did they not expect to be busy????? Unacceptable and inexcusable, I just hope it does not happen again

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            Brunch can be rough scoutlouise. Sounds like brunch is not their forte but maybe they will read your specific suggestions. Great review because you said exactly how they messed up and what they could have done to smooth things over. My guess is that they did not expect to be busy but who knows. Sounds like they need a buffet or set brunch menu. To see how brunch for masses of people is handled well, sometime check out the sunday breakfast buffet at the R and S Keystone.

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              Sorry to hear about your Brunch experience, scoutlouise. I do know that there was a glowing article about The Local in last week's Souderton Independent. That could have been one of the reasons they were swamped on Sunday and also why they had run out of some of the entree choices. I have been to The Local several times for lunch and have had a great experience each time I went. Their outdoor patio alongside the train tracks is so relaxing for lunch when the weather is nice. I am sure they would appreciate a second chance to impress you with their brunch.

            2. Had the pleasure of checking out The Local for dinner finally. I know in this thread I must sound like I have stock in the place, but it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I previously have enjoyed a lunch there (and posted as such), but dinner is where the chef here shines. I only wish I lived closer!

              I was glad to see at 7pm on a Saturday most if not all the tables were taken.

              Dry Aged Sliders app was the best slider (and burger) I've ever had out. So much flavor, juicy, etc.

              If only chef Oz could teach a chef in Delco how to source locally and cook ingredients as well as he does, I'd be one happy girl. I'm envious of those of you who live close to this place.