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Jun 22, 2011 04:42 PM

Easing him back into it: Mangoes, lime, salmon and vermicelli

My chowpup, who used to be quite the adventuresome eater, went through some traumatic events 2-3 years ago. One response was to shut down any chance for uncertainty, including new foods. Between that and starting school, he's now asking for mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs :(

He's always loved making lemonade, and recently made some lemon-limeade after getting a glass of it in a hotel. (He snuck into the kitchen while I napped, made it, and woke me up by bringing 2 glasses of it--one for him and one for me--into my room. Awww) Anyway, he's retained a few other tastes as well--still loves pad see ewe and sag paneer, mango lassis, salmon, potatoes, homemade spanikopita, pasta with pesto...but doesn't want anything with sauce (not even ketchup for his fries), doesn't touch rice, and only eats a few occasional vegetables these days.

He's getting over his trauma and starting to try new foods (ie, the lemon-limeade). I want to build on this without overwhelming him. I'd like to head in a Thai direction with the items in the title. Can anyone help me with other ingredients we might like along with those? Huge concoctions are not for him, but maybe something to add to the noodles, or subtle tastes for the salmon would help ease him back into more interesting eating (and save me from food boredom)

So chowhounds, your suggestions please?

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  1. You might try building up on the things you know he likes. Roasted zucchini or simple sliced tomatoes with pesto. Spinach in a potato soup, or quickly sauteed with garlic. Homemade nuggets with lemon and the sauteed spinach above.

    I would think that any crispy noodle cake would be appealing, served with some potential toppings that he can pick from. [That keeps you from being bored at least.]

    This isn't much, but perhaps it is a start.

    1. What about Tom Yum Gai. That would play on those flavors. You could also do a thai coconut soup (easy to find in a google search for options) and use the salmon instead of shrimp (more how I usually have eaten it).

      You could use the same broth of either of those and mix it with the vermicelli as a transition.

      There are lots of dessert things you could do with the mangoes and lime - even just mango, lime juice, and mint.

      What about a salmon fish taco with a mango salsa? (that isn't a sauce! and could help sneak in a few vegetables)

      1. This salmon is Indian, not Thai, but since I add ginger to it, a lot of the same flavors are there. Plus, it's not super saucy, almost more of a glaze:

        Also, this Thai noodle with ground chicken is incredibly flavorful but not saucy.