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Jun 22, 2011 03:22 PM

Do you use a needle meat tenderizer?

I see them for sale and occasionally hear people promoting their use, but it also seems to run contrary to what is also preached when it comes to cooking meat - don't stab/sear in the juices/etc.


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  1. I imagine it's good for making chicken fried steak, or for piercing pork belly skin when making siu yook. It's what makes the skin extra crispy during roasting

    1. I assume you mean the ones with 48 blades. I use one occasionally. The last time I used it was for swiss steak. I buy 1/2 inch thick boneless round and go over each side once or twice. You can get almost as good by having your butcher run it through a cuber.

      With swiss steak, you are braising so the cuts and tears just tenderize a tough piece of meat. You wouldn't use one of those on a steak or something you were going to sear and saute.