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Do you go crazy for an item then stop liking it?

I recently became obsessed with Friendship 4% Cottage Cheese and couldn't seem to get enough. I just opened a new pot and it's very average. Then it occurred to me that this has happened before with other foods, love them for a few weeks then suddenly the new batch tastes different and doesn't have the same draw for me.

Do you think it's because I've overfed my compulsion or do the manufacturer's change the recipe just to spite me?

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  1. I've overfed my compulsion for Lindt dark chocolate with fleur de sel, but I imagine it's just a matter of time before it creeps back. :)

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      I've never come across Lindt dark chocolate w Fleur de sel!
      Sounds amazing!!

    2. My husband does this constantly and it drives me nuts, as the person buying groceries, and NOT being informed of the whims changing. By the time I finally get in the swing of buying XYZ in bulk and keeping a large quantity on hand at all times, he is over it and I'm left with a huge surplus of something that I'm often not particularly enamored with. For about 3 weeks he ate an english muffin, toasted with 5-6 egg whites on top, then at some point decided that he was not interested. That was about 2 days after I bought 6 dozen eggs and about 20 english muffins from costco.

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        oy, Laurel, my dad does that to my mom and it drives her nuts :) FWIW, Costco has a fantastic return policy.

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          I think I just made creme brulee for 10 and a few quiches to freeze.

          He also does this with dishes that I make. "This is the greatest thing ever!" I suspect that it will be happening soon with chicken piccata. Luckily capers stay good for forever, and I'll use lemons in other dishes.

      2. well i don't eat the 4%, but the Friendship 1% No Salt Added is as good as ever, so i think it's you ;)

        but i think we all do this to some extent. for me it's most often seasonings - a spice (or mix), condiment or herb - that i put on practically everything for weeks at a time...and suddenly one day i have no desire to eat it on anything. i'll eventually want it again - i've never eaten myself into *permanent* flavor fatigue - but it typically takes at least a month or two.

        breakfast foods are another instance - i've gone through phases when i ate the same exact thing for breakfast every. single. day. for weeks or months at a time, and suddenly one morning i moved onto something else.

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          omelets with fresh spinach, chopped up sun dried tomatoes, fresh baby spinach. and goat cheese. That's my last casualty.

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            Just wanted to second that Friendship 1% No Salt Added as the best cottage cheese ever :)

          2. Yes, this happens to me. And not just with batches of prepared foods--for instance, I'll go crazy for an herb for a summer, then not want to look at it for a year. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

            1. My husband is on his second full week of tuna salad sandwich for lunch, Luckily I don't have to eat it every day so that's fine with me.

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                Are you at all concerned with mercury poisoning?
                Not to be an alarmist, but my BIL went through a tuna for lunch habit and suddenly realized he couldn't make decisions or think clearly in the afternoon. Turns out it was all those tuna sandwiches.
                I love tuna in all its forms, but this tale has always stuck with me.

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                  "light" or tongol tuna is much lower in mercury than albacore (aka "white tuna"), and safer to eat more frequently.

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                    We already can't make decisions and have trouble thinking clearly every time of day. No, really, I have done a good deal of research on this subject and since we are not in a risk group I'm not concerned. But thanks. PS If there was a time for me to worry about tuna and mercury it would have been when I was in the high risk group--kids--when I had a tuna sandwich every day for months on end.

                2. This happens to me with breakfast cereals. I'll get a specific craving (latest one: Bran Flakes with Raisins), go through about a month of at least 1 and sometimes more bowls/day, then I won't want it again for a year or two.

                  1. It's all about human nature with a little OCD sprinkled in on my Puffed rice Kashi ....everyday

                    1. I had a mad binge with caraway seeds for about three years. Then I finally had enough. They still smell yummy to me and I sometimes chew on half a teaspoon or so but the thrill is gone. For now.

                      1. Haha. Not me, but my wife. It sucks for me because I'll really get into something and then never get to have it again because she gets sick of it. The classic example was the ramen shop Setagaya in NYC. She loved it, we would go every weekend. Then, one day, she decided to do a second round of noodles. She powered it down and we have never been back since because it was just too much noodles. Now, whenever I see she is on the verge of overdoing something, I tell her I'm not getting "Setagaya-ed" on this particular item.

                        1. I've done it with snack food items. Gardetto's snack mix comes to mind. I love those things, and overdosed on them every chance I could get for a month solid. Then, once my lips healed and I could chew again, I realized that all I could taste was MSG and chemicals. Same thing happened with Goldfish, not that I was ever fooled into believing that was real cheese I was tasting. But yeah, with all those salty crunchy things, with the exception of the most basic baked salted pretzel, I've gone through mass burnout where it just doesn't taste nice at all anymore. And I'm pretty sure it's me - I don't think Gardetto's much changed their formula in my year of eating salty.

                          1. For almost two years I couldn't get enough mangos. Fresh mangos. Phillipino mangos. Dried mangos. Frozen mango pieces (TJs). Mango sorbet. Mango smoothies. Mango bubble tea. I ate some version of them almost every day. And then I it wasn't as if I didn't like them any more, I still like them. I just kind of lost interest. I think there must have been some nutrient in them that my body needed and when it fulfilled that need, I just stopped craving them.

                            1. I do this all. the. time. And then the unwanted foods take up residence in my fridge for lord only knows how long! Glad to hear others are fickle like me!


                              1. I sometimes find that I am craving something like crazy all week, am excited when I go shopping for the ingredients but after cooking it, it just doesn't sound all that great any more and really all I want is a beer and some chips.

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                                  Snortlaugh. What happens when you shop when you're hungry. :) Happens all the time around here.

                                2. I cannot eat ANYTHING, no matter how good it is, beyond 3 days straight. I can try something and say 'that's the most delicious thing I ever ate'. Next day, and it just tastes 'so-so'. Third day, I begin to hate it and swear never to make it again!! Can't eat a particular type of cuisine for 3 days either. If I eat Mexican for three days, I have to switch over to Chinese or vice-versa. I'm a strange person :(

                                  Same for music. I'll play some song (thinking that's the 'greatest' thing I've ever heard) like 20 times straight, then grow to hate it, and won't play it again for five years.

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                                    Reading a lot of these really makes me think of music--exactly as you describe. Though I don't share your flavor-hopping compulsion ;)

                                  2. I have a friend who posits that your body knows what it needs, and sends out cravings for that type of food. Maybe your body needed calcium.

                                    My body sends out craving messages for donuts.

                                    1. Fage yogurt. Loved it at first bite and ate more than my fair share. Now I'm on a break, 'cause I simply OD'd on it.

                                      1. I'm like this for drinks. Also might be TMI but I have a monthly chocolate craving in which I must have chocolate or I possibly get violent but I have no interest whatsoever in it at other times so I know when it's coming.

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                                          My current drink obsession is gin & tonic. Had been years since I'd had it, and now on a roll.

                                        2. Those Ines Rosales sweet olive oil tortas. The first 20 packages or so, I thought they were brilliant. Now, they are just greasy anise wafers that I am soooo sick of, but it's me, not the recipe.

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                                            Lol...me too. I work right across the street from a Whole Foods, which is a constant lure. When I discovered Ines Rosales, I went nuts for a couple of weeks, gorging on them every day. Then...meh. I'll probably never have another one unless someone else buys it.

                                          2. I go through food phases all the time!

                                            I'll will eat the same stuff for months at a time, and then juust become sick of it, and I won't have it for a year or two even..
                                            But only once in my life can I say I actually stopped liking something....

                                            When I lived in England, I was eager to try Marmite - at first I thought "Bleh"!
                                            But then my DH made me a bit on toast with butter, and I "got it"
                                            I went ape sh*t for it, and ate it every day for about 2 weeks
                                            And then one day - boom - just as suddenly as I liked it - virtually mid sandwich, I decided I couldnt eat it any more ****shudder***
                                            I waited for periods at a time, trying it again a few times, but I never regained the taste for it...

                                            Never happened to me before, of since..

                                            1. I do this with breakfast stuff. I have a hard time working breakfast into my life. Once in awhile I'll hit on a meal that works. After a few weeks I'll feel like I've made a long term commitment to it. Then I'll score some great coupons or hit a sale and load up on the primary ingredient. About 2 weeks later I'm over it.

                                              I don't dislike it, it just doesn't appeal to me anymore. Very frustrating!