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Jun 22, 2011 02:48 PM

St. Albert lunches?

Working in St. Albert for a bit. Any Chowhoundish places to have a lunch? So far it seems to mostly be chains and forgettable independants.


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  1. No Chows out here in the North West?

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    1. re: golfer1

      Here are some of my favourites:

      Koto - Sushi
      Saigon Cuisine - Vietnamese
      Crown and Tower - comfortably scruffy and tasty English pub food
      Haweli - Indian

      1. re: ette

        I heard that Koto used to be good, I ate there twice, the last time I ate there my stomach had a major disagreement with the sushi. Personally I prefer Ohana-ya for Japanese in St. Albert. I also like Cajun House and Haweli.

    2. I like Socrates for breakfast on the odd weekend I'm out that way and I've heard their dinner is pretty good...

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