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Jun 22, 2011 02:25 PM

Wine dinners in the city? A list?

We are frequent visitors to San Francisco and enjoy doing wine dinners. We'll be there again the first week of November.

I realize that is four months away, but if you know of any dinners, or WHERE TO FIND A LIST of dinners please let me know.

I know of Gayot and Local Wine Events, neither of which seems to really have very complete listings. We like anything from winemakers visiting restaurants to fundraisers - although some of those are too expensive for our wallet. Thanks!

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  1. I'm sort of surprised you think Local Wine Events isn't very complete; considering it originated in the Bay Area, I find it to be the most complete source -- but it is up to those restaurants hosting wine dinners to submit the information to the site...

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      You are right, it is up to the restaurants to report. But I find it hard to believe there is not a single wine event in San Francisco over the next couple of weeks. If the restaurants/winemakers are not listing then the resource isn't very complete. So I was hoping there was something else.

      1. re: ejohn

        Actually, it makes perfect sense from the wine industry point of view; the mid-summer is when most winery staff are able to take vacations because those to whom they are selling are also on vacation (i.e., restaurant owners and distributors) and because it is a last chance to rest before the fall harvest.

        Having come from the wine industry, not knowing the heat of the summer is also a factor and trying to prepare a well-balanced pairing when it could be 100ยบ is difficult at best.

        Bottom line - this is the wrong time of year for those in the industry to be planning those sorts of events when most tourists wouldn't necessarily know how to find the events in enough time to guarantee an RSVP and a packed house. From a business point of view, it is better for the winery to stage these events during the spring and summer, although many wineries will host those events at their establishment during the summer.

        1. re: CarrieWas218

          Thanks for your reply. It's funny you didn't read my post when you spent so much time replying. I'm not looking for 'now' I even said it was in November. I was/am looking for a blog or place that lists wine dinners at restaurants and wineries. But thanks for the effort.