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Jun 22, 2011 01:48 PM

Has Anybody Been To Chao Bakery House in San Gabriel Village?

Well I guess the preliminary question is has anybody been to San Gabriel Village? I've driven up and down Del Mar Bl. north of Valley dozens, if not hundreds of times, and noticed that where Del Mar crosses Fairview Ave. in the middle of a residential area, there is a large, probably pre-WW II sign pointing to San Gabriel Village. I don't know why I never investigated this, or for that matter, why all of a sudden I decided to do so. Driving a couple of blocks on this residential street, I came to a commercial area like Larchmont Village, except it's just a block long. One of the stores is Chao Bakery House, but it was closed today even though their apparent hours are 8am to 5pm. There was one worker inside in back. There's a bunch of paper signs in the window, but they're mostly in Chinese, though there's something in English about $1 drinks. Any intelligence would be appreciated. No Yelp reviews. Chao Bakery House is at 250 W. Fairview Ave.

Del Mar Cafe
712 S Del Mar Ave, San Gabriel, CA 91776

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  1. I'm glad yoy posted this as I'm interested too. I noticed Chao last Summer while using Fairview as a cut-through, and stumbled across San Gabriel Village in '09. I also noticed Chao was another without a Yelp review. There seem to be more and more Un-Yelped.

    Perhaps you need to stop in and report back?