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Jun 22, 2011 11:13 AM

Has anyone ever tried Jobe's plant food or fertilizer spikes?

I saw they had these at the Dollartree and was curious about them. Anyone ever tried them? Thoughts? They seem like an easy way to fertilize!

Here is a link to them on Amazon:

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  1. I use them all the time. Soil here is sandy so nutrients leech quickly. With Jobe's I don't have to fertilize as often.

    I also use Jobe's for citrus and roses.

    1. Yes, with mixed results. The heavy duty ones (for trees) come with a cheap plastic cap that's supposed to help with pounding it into the group deeply enough, and it always breaks. The smaller ones, for veggies and even house plants, work fine, but I only buy them at the dollar store.

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        Yeah, I saw them at the dollar store so that is what made me look into them. I think the dollar store ones came with 8 or so to a package and these ones from amazon have 50 to a pack...but once you pay for shipping, the dollar store seems like the best bet. I think I will go and buy some to test them out in the morning.