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Jun 22, 2011 11:09 AM

Any Good Eats on the Drive from Calgary to Salt Spring Island?

We're driving out to Salt Spring, going through Kelowna, in a few weeks. Does anyone know of any great eats on the way out? We'd like to avoid any Denny's, Golden Arches, Subway etc.. But we'd don't want to veer off the highway too far.

Please reply if you know of some hidden gem resto, along the way, that we MUST try!


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  1. Funny thing, I'm headed out to Gabriola the beginning of July. We don't usually stop at restaurants along the way as I have a disturbing obsession with Overwaitea turkey/cranberry sandwiches. It keeps the costs down a little bit. They also have excellent butterhorns.

    Was at a wedding at a vineyard in Kelowna last summer. A lot of them have dining/tours and the ambiance is great.

    There's obviously a million places in Van but we fell in love with the New Bohemian on Broadway. Just down from DB Bistro. It's chic fusion at a great price. West coast trendy without the attitude. All the sushi places we tried were actually disappointing. If you see a Japadog cart it's decent street meat.

    If you're going through Victoria right on the wharf is Red Fish/Blue Fish. Absolutely delicious and noticed it featured on FN Eat Street a few weeks ago.

    Cowichan Bay has a great bakery and artisan cheese shop.

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      It's been a while but Magpie and stump was good in Revelstoke.

    2. Hi!

      This is my favorite little place to eat in Kelowna for lunch. Its got a great vibe & delicious food.

      1. My two bits:

        Field - Truffle Pigs Bistro; Salmon Arm - Gorts Gouda, not exactly a full meal but if you get some bread you'll have excellent quick picnic options; Kelowna - Quail's Gate vineyard restaurant, expensive but excellent; Vancouver - Joe Fortes, probably not on the direct route to the ferry for the island but I found their seafood to be excellent on my last visit; Victoria - Chandler's, not sure if they're still good but a number of years ago their boullibase was outstanding; Cowichan Bay - Cherry Hill Vineyard restaurant for great antipasto platters or The Masthead for old school seafood, local venison/lamb and several dishes built on "5 mile" ingredients.

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          Maybe off topic but has anyone been to Ferris' oyster bar? It's been 5 years or more but wow was that some good food!

          Edit: Duh, it was in Victoria.

        2. We're usually hungry for a little something when we get to Hope, whether traveling east or west, and we like the Blue Moose We usually get one of their paninis but everything looks good.

          1. Just got back from a few days in Vancouver. If you have the time, you can get some really fast and very good food from the food carts, they are throughout the city and there are a lot of write-ups about them you can easily find by Googling. We hit a half dozen of them with no disappointments.

            Also, if you do like Asian food courts, go to the Crystal Mall food court in Burnaby. All the vendors are unique, covering the most vast array of prepared fast Asian foods Ive ever seen, everything from North American dinner-for-one type food to whatever body part of whatever animal you want to eat. Some of the food is fast and ready, some takes 15 minutes to make, like the noodle lady who makes your fresh noodles right in front of you from a ball of dough. And the prices are cheaper than any food court in Calgary. She also makes fresh XLB, 3 kinds.

            And if you have heard of Beard Papa, a Japanese cream puff chain, there is one a few steps outside the food court. I have heard it called "the next Krispy Kreme".

            I will go there any time I'm in Vancouver.