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Jun 22, 2011 11:00 AM

Food Trucks in the Arboretum Area

Happened on the Google building today and the Peached Tortilla was parked there! I had to try it. I got a chicken burrito (a new item) because it sounded "healthy". It was indeed on a whole wheat tortilla, but sadly was swimming in a mayo-based sauce. I would have been better to get the brisket tacos, I think.

I've heard rumors that several other trucks come and park in the area on certain days. Anyone know their schudules? I'd love to be able to give them a try as well.

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  1. Someone posted the schedule for the Google building a couple months ago. At the time, Short Subs Bus stopped there one day, and on another it was a korean/taco purveyor. If you search "google building" on this board I'll bet you find it. Perhaps your post will encourage someone who works there to update the schedule but at the time the trailers were there for lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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      Yeah, I remember that conversation. Did the search and nothing obvious popped up, so it must have been quite a while ago, and we all know how quickly things change here.

      NWLarry, it's just north of Bucco de Beppi on the same side.

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        Here's the original thread.

        The schedule is still the same:

        Tuesday - Short Bus
        Wednesday - The Peached Tortilla
        Thursday - Chi-Lantro

      2. where is the Google building?

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