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Mar 2, 2006 07:06 PM

Boiling Point shabu shabu - Glendale

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Went to the new Boiling Point shabu shabu restaurant in Glendale today. It's a pretty space, with both counter seating and table tops. The burners are flat tops, not electric coil elements. The table is level with the heat- it's not recessed as the other places I've been to, and while more aesthetically pleasing, it may have felt a little bit hotter while cooking because of this. We were there for lunch. The regular size beef was $12.95 (8 large pieces or a 1/4 lb.), and a large was $15.95 (12 large pieces). There didn't seem to be any other choice of meat on the menu, but since I was in the mood for beef, I didn't ask if there were other options. The quality of the meat was good, and the vegetables included some enoki mushrooms as well as shitake for a change. They provide the regular accoutrements such as chili powder, daikon radish, scallions and garlic on the table as well. I have only been to 3 other shabu places (Yoshi's, Koji's, and Zakuro), and I like them all (and have slight problems with them all) for different reasons. Boiling Point is a very nice combination of everything good for me, with its only potential failing being their ponzu sauce. To be fair, I do have a slight cold today and my sense of taste may be biased, so please take this with a grain of salt: I felt it needed more citrus and a touch more sweetness. Just a little more oomph. Everything else was delicious and I was very satisfied when I left. I will definitely be going back because it's great to have another shabu place in this area, and the owner was a really nice, helpful guy.

BOILING POINT (not to be confused w/Boiling Pot in Pasadena)
112 S. Brand - Glendale Marketplace

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  1. We went over the weekend, and I just wanted to agree with a few of your points. Oddly, they still only served beef, though the server told us it was because they were temporarily out of the chicken and seafood. The raised heaters did indeed create more heat than usual, but luckily it was a cold weekend and we didn't mind. And the ponzu sauce was lacking citrus and tasted a little too salty at first until we began dipping. The second sauce, a peanut sauce, wasn't that good. Strongly peanuty and not much else. I liked the little pot of fresh crushed garlic they give you. At other shabu's I'm pretty sure we've always gotten pre-packaged crushed or ground garlic. They said on the menu that our meal came with two different types of noodles, but they only gave us the fatter type and not the glass noodles. Also they really skimped on the noodles- only a few strands. Meat cuts were noticeably tougher than Yoshi's, Koji's and others we've been to. Spent $13 for each beef combo plate, got a beer and with tax/tip spent $40- seemed a little high for lunch for 2 with only 1 drink, but I guess most Shabu's cost this much.
    Overall, not too bad, but we like Koji's at the Highland better.

    1. btw, the sauce is a sesame sauce and i can't vouch for the quality. i thought the place was a 6 out of 10.

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