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Jun 22, 2011 10:57 AM

American Cheese, again

I few years ago I made a post wanting to know if there was anywhere in Toronto to get real American processed cheese, not kraft singles. The kind on an American fast food burger. The kind that comes with the little pieces of waxed paper in between. Kraft extra cheddar brand is good, but is really thick and expensive and doesn't have the exact texture and taste I'm looking for. Does any one know of a Deli or fast food/diner supplier or a cheese store or anywhere here where I can get American cheese?

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  1. I came across both this lonely post and your previous one while on a desperate hunt for American cheese a few weeks ago. While I didn't find it in time for the dish I was making, I found it today at Highland Farms up at Dufferin and Steeles! It comes in a big, pre-sliced block, and they had both the white and the orange variety.

    Happy burger making!

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      1. re: Bobby Wham

        Bah! I meant to take a picture of it (I didn't buy any) and I forgot! It was something I'd never heard of. (But seeing as I'd never actually found American cheese in Toronto, that's not surprising.) It came in both smaller packages and large blocks, and was on the back wall closer to the produce.

        Sorry I couldn't be more help!

        1. re: looz

          Saw two brands at Fortinos (Lawrence/Allen) the other day, both in the kosher refrigerator. I think one of them was Haolam, can't remember the other.

    1. Chow just put up a really great video on how to make your own American cheese:

      Very simple, and it actually makes American cheese look appealing.

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        Gotta agree, I have been using America's Test Kitchen's Method for a while now. It works perfectly, is easy and it is half the cost of buying the stuff. You can also use other cheeses(I use aged cheddar, Comte, and gruyere) to make excellent processed cheese that melts amazingly which you won't be able to find anywhere in Canada.

        1. re: DStaad

          McClusky admits at the beginning of his video that he is replicating Kraft Velveeta, which is sold in Canada, but harder to find than Kraft singles.
          Apparently that is all American cheese is!