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Jun 22, 2011 10:00 AM

Nothing happens when I click to find my favorites.

Am trying to get to my favorites. When I click on "view profile" nothing happens. I used to be able to get to my favorites without any problem. What's up?

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  1. So, when you click on your name you don't end up on your "Profile" page where you see the following categories: My Activity/Following/Lists/Settings just under your posting handle?

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    1. re: Servorg

      No. The page doesn't change at all.

      1. re: ceej2008 mistake. It does bring me to My Activity/following/lists/settings. Where do I go from there though.

        1. re: ceej2008

          If you click on each one of those in turn you'll see new clickable categories below them. Check each one out until you see what you are looking for.

          1. re: ceej2008

            From there, tap Following, then Saved Topics

            1. re: DPGood

              Nothing shows up when I tap "following", then "saved topics". I must have at least 100 recipes saved.

              1. re: ceej2008

                Recipes are under Lists, rather than Following. Do you see them when you choose those options instead?

                Here's a link that should take you directly there:

                1. re: Jacquilynne

                  Okay...found it...why are there so many more steps to get to those recipes? Seems when I first joined, all you had to do was click on "favorites" and there were the saved recipes. Thanks for your help!