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Jun 22, 2011 09:30 AM

4th of July near the Hudson River Greenway?

Hi There,

I am trying to find either a restaurant from which my boyfriend and I can either watch the fireworks on the Hudson directly or easily walk to them after dining. I have tried (literally) all of the Hoboken waterside restaurants - all booked. Since I am not from there ( I am flying in from Colorado), I have no idea what is close by (as I mentioned, either on the water or within a block or two of the Greenway). I have read that the best viewing is below 59th. We would prefer not to pay $100 a plate, but the $20-$30 dollar entree is fine and I would prefer a reservation so that we know we've got a table (this, of course, rules out the Boat Basin Cafe). Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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  1. We love Company pizza, on 24th and 9th, just a few blocks off the greenway. We love to pick up a pizza and salad from there and picnic on the grass by the water. The pizza's not hot by the time we get it there, but it's still great.

    230 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001

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    1. Hate to break it to you, but all the lovely places along the Hudson are virtually off limits during the fireworks display (it defies logic, I know). Instead, the police herd people onto the (closed) Westside highway from a few specific streets-- you feel like you're in a cattle shoot... MOO.

      Last year, we bought tickets to use the Chelsea Piers golf club green (okay, astroturf) for a picnic. Armed with these tickets, the cops let you cross 8th Avenue to the pier-- otherwise, it's the 23rd Street cattle- shoot, for you! They cost $50 per person. Totally worth it. Bring a picnic basket and a blanket. (Access to the air conditioned club house & restrooms, too)

      1. Try West New York area by hudson river. It's right next to Port Imperial (ferry stop from NY).
        The new restaurant 'SON CUBANO' right next to the river has great view, drinks and foods.
        40-4 Riverwalk Place, West New York - (201) 399-2020

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          Thanks Albertine22 and woodydaniel - I appreciate the suggestions and advice. This looks to be an "interesting" 4th. Or should I say, "Moo!" LOL.