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Jun 22, 2011 09:00 AM

H & H on b'way and 80th closing

"An Upper West Side institution has rolled out its final bagels.
Beloved by generations of hungry New Yorkers, the H&H Bagels store on West 80th Street and Broadway location has closed up shop.

A store representative gave no specific reason for the sudden closure.

Many New Yorkers are now left wondering where they will get their daily shmear.

"To me, they're the definition of what a bagel is. Everything else just pales in comparison," said one local.

"It's a ritual to come here. We bought our place a few years ago and one of the appealing things was being so close to H&H Bagels," said another.

H&H fell on hard times recently, as the chain's owner pleaded guilty to tax fraud charges last year.

Its store and baking site on West 46th Street will remain open."

H&H Bagels
639 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

H&H Bagels
2239 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

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  1. Their bagels were overpriced and second rate. I bid them a fondish farewell.

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    1. re: beevod

      I liked the bagel but only went there a hand full of times. Where is the best bagel on UWS beevod?

          1. re: pbjluver

            It's black!! No, it's white! Lol.

    2. I thought they were very good bagels, not pumped up with air which seems to be the standard in the city these days. A dense, very flavorful bagel. One of the classics in the same spot for almost 40 years. When they opened, bagel stores were few and far between!

      I prefer Tal's, actually, to H & H and Absolute. Tals is very dense and chewy, no air.

      1. While not a classic bagel I will miss this place. I always stopped in for a snack before shopping at Zabars. Whatever was fresh and hot out of the oven was a delicious bready treat, especially if it was their everything or salt. They will be missed

        1. Awwww. About 17 years ago on a rainy September morning, my dear, sweet dad drove into the city to this store and bought dozens of bagels and a huge assortment of sides and cream cheese for me and my sisters and best friends. A few hours later, he walked me down the aisle. I'll miss you H&H.

          1. Sucky bagels, overpriced. Dirty place. Rude workers. Gone forever: Priceless.