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Top ten favorite things to eat (and where to get them) in Baltimore

I'm new in town; this thread was very popular on my old board so thought I'd give it a shot here. Choose your top ten favorite things to eat in and around Baltimore and tell me where I can find them :)

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  1. Welcome to Baltimore, hon!

    1. Crosstown burger with fried egg and candied bacon from Hamilton Tavern (Hamilton)
    2. White pizza from Matthew's Pizza (Highlandtown)
    3. Porketta sub from Mastellone's (Hamilton-ish)
    4. Almond croissants from Bonaparte Breads (Fells Point)
    5. Soon dubu chigae from Eel-town Flounder-ville (Ellicott City)
    6. Crab cakes from Duda's Tavern (Fells Point)
    7. Pork and cheese papusas from El Salvadore (Upper Fells Point)
    8. Stuffed Flounder Francaise from Ciao Bella (Little Italy)
    9. Pad Thai from Thai Jai Dee (Canton)
    10. Panko Encrusted Fried Oysters from Ryleigh's Oyster (Federal Hill)

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    1. re: ILoveBacon

      1. Honey Graham iced cream at Taharka Brothers' namesake shop.
      2. Lavender tea cake from Atwaters.
      3. Mint tagliatelle with lamb ragu from Cinghiale.
      4. Duckfat fries at Salt.
      5. Corned beef sandwich at Attman's Deli.
      6. Ahi Tuna, Jasmine Rice, Vanilla Soy Broth, and Siracha Aioli at Demi.
      7. Blue fish when it's a special at Woodberry Kitchen.
      8. Steak sandwich at Petit Louis.
      9. Chilled avocado soup at Dogwood Deli.
      10. Smoked salmon tacos from Neopol at Belvedere Square.

      Petit Louis
      4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

      Woodberry Kitchen
      2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

      822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

      1. re: m.binoir

        though this is very nearly a year old, i have to ask about the smoked salmon tacos, when do they have them? is this a special? never seen them before.

      2. re: ILoveBacon

        "8. Stuffed Flounder Francaise from Ciao Bella (Little Italy)"
        Is this a special? It doesn't seem to be on their (online) menu. Also, a "French" dish in an Italian restaurant as a favorite, hmm.

        The last time I ate in Ciao Bella (last month, in fact) I was underwhelmed. Crab toast - expensive, drowned in cheese, dubious tasting, nasty. Didn't finish it. Soup of the day - completely unremarkable, don't even remember what it was. White Clam Sauce (white reduction) over Linguine - mealy boxed pasta, minuscule number of clams, weird 'burnt' over-reduced sauce, icky. Ate only a portion. Left still hungry, displeased.

        Ciao Bella
        236 S. High Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

      3. Straight up Corned beef Sandwich Attmans Deli on Lombard Street

        Cloak and Dagger Sandwich Weis Deli on Lombard Street

        Hot Dog(with the works) Pollock Johnnies Wash. Blvd or Lex. Market

        Steamed Crabs Mr Bills Terrace in on Eastern Blvd in Essex

        Gyro Samos on Oldham Stret in Greektown

        Grilled Lamb Chops Zorba's on Eastern Ave in Greektown

        Fried Calamari Ikaros in Greektown

        Fried Chicken Chuckies in Hollins Market

        Zorba's Cafe
        1612 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

        1. 1. Smoked gouda & seafood omelet at Mama's (sorry Scott Conant)
          2. Orange roughy tacos at Annabel Lee
          3. Chocolate/lime pudding dessert thingie at Blue Hill Tavern
          4. Any taco at Tortilla Sinaloa
          5. Garlic bread at Peter's Inn
          6. Pumpkin appetizer at Helmand
          7. Rosemary garlic fries at Brewers Art
          8. Fried edamame at Johnny Rads
          9. BBQ beef enchilada at Geckos
          10. Sausage saltimboca at Tutti Gusti

          Peter's Inn
          504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

          Tutti Gusti
          3102 Fait Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

          Blue Hill Tavern
          938 S Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD 21087

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          1. re: youami

            I second the pumpkin appetizer at Helmand!

          2. No special order here, just ten things that came to mind:

            The Stu Special at Attmans
            Lamb gyro at Samos
            String Bean Roll from Cafe Zen
            The Parisian at Eddies
            The 2010 spicy chorizo pizza at Iggies
            A full meat/veggie combo platter at Dukem
            Pulled pork sandwich from Andy Nelsons
            The longhorn burger from Rec Room
            Med Ma Muang with chicken and shrimp at Thai Arroy
            Lunch buffet at the Ambassador

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            1. re: edresner

              No order here:

              Fresh pita at King's Kabob
              Govt Mule at Woodberry Kitchen
              Burger at McCabes
              Cubano at Havana Cafe
              Puttanesca sauce at (Little) Grano
              Tortillas de Puerco at Tortilleria Sinola
              Smoked bluefish from Neopol Smokery
              Fish noodles from Grace Garden
              Biscuit sandwiches from Blacksauce Kitchen (various farmer's mkts)
              Cajun fries from Annabelle Lee Tavern

              Grace Garden
              1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

              Woodberry Kitchen
              2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

              3845 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211

            2. Crabs: Live-Coveside Crabs, Dundalk. Steamed Carry-out-Conrads Crabs, Baynesville. Eat In: Skipjacks, Fullerton.
              Beer Mussels and Shrimp: Mamas on The Half Shell, Canton
              Shrimp Salad: Eddies of Roland Park
              Pulled Pork Sandwich: Big Bad Wolf, Hamilton
              Muffaletta: Trinacria, Downtown
              Pollo Ala Brasa: Chicken Rico, Highlandtown
              Tacos: Tortilleria, Fells Point
              Corned Beef on Rye: Attman's Deli, Little Italy-ish
              Sichuan Fish Filets: Grace Garden, Odenton
              Both Cheese Pie: Matthew's Pizza, Highlandtown

              Grace Garden
              1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

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              1. re: hon

                hon, I was researching crab houses to try (Specifically Mr. Bill's) and make a reservation this weekend and saw that you put Skipjacks on you list for Favorite Eat In Crab house. That was almost a year ago so I wanted to see if you still felt that way. It's close to where I live (Hamilton) so I thought maybe I'd give it a try. I never hear anyone else mention it so I was curious! Thanks!

                You recommended Conrads to me 5 years ago and I still go there... so I trust ya!

                1. re: tapas gal

                  Skipjacks has crabs year 'round, I think they get them from Texas so they are not local. That said, they have always been consistantly really good, I haven't been since October but might go this weekend. I have taken many friends there who raved about the crabs.

                  1. re: hon

                    Thanks hon!... I just made a reservation on Saturday... maybe I'll see ya there... :)

              2. While numbered, this list isn't in order of preference:

                1. Sichuan pork belly at Grace Garden, Odenton
                2. wood-grilled mushrooms at Pazo, Harbor East
                3. meatball on heel at Squire's, Dundalk
                4. corned beef sandwich at Attman's on Lombard Street
                5. fire & ice seviche at Talara, Harbor East
                6. salmon imperial at Kyodai, Towson
                7. borscht at Ze Mean Bean, Fells Point
                8. moussaka at Nautilus Diner, Timonium
                9. any meat from Andy Nelson's, Cockeysville
                10. Cuban sandwich at Havana Road, Towson

                Grace Garden
                1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

                Nautilus Diner
                2100 Concord Blvd, Crofton, MD 21114

                Ze Mean Bean Cafe
                1739 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                Pazo Restaurant
                1425 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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                1. re: theminx

                  Great thread:

                  1. Taiwanese Fish @ Grace Garden

                  2, Mushroom Fritters @ mushroom lady, JFX Sunday market

                  3. Tacos @ Tortilleria Sinaloa--- any of them!

                  4. Pickled appetizer @ Woodberry

                  5. Smoke burger @ Alewife

                  6 Alice or mushroom pizza @ Iggies

                  7. Pumpkin @ Helmand

                  8. Crabs @ Bill's Terrace

                  9. Andy Nelsons bbq- even their chicken has incredible flavor

                  10. Combo platter from Tabor Ethiopian. Dukem fine too, but Tabor better and cheaper.

                2. Not 10 because I don't live in Balto, but used to go often in my old life (before marriage!) and I have to say
                  1) bacon apple pancakes from Blue Moon Cafe
                  2) gelato at Pitango
                  3) veggie taco salad at Taco Fiesta

                  I ate a lot in Baltimore but those are the three things I loved - even tried to go back to blue moon this past weekend but I think it's too busy now. And yes I know there is Pitango in DC now.

                  Taco Fiesta
                  618 S Exeter St, Baltimore, MD

                  Blue Moon Cafe
                  1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

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                  1. in no order: (had to do a dozen)
                    1. Berger Cookies (now you can get them anywhere, even in the DC suburbs)
                    2. cookies and cannoii at Vaccarro's
                    3. salad at Chiaparelli's
                    4. Bookmaker's salad at Sabatino's
                    5. a dozen oyster's on the half shell and a cold heineken at Faidley's
                    6. a huge prime rib, baked potato and fresh horseradish at The Prime Rib
                    7. fish noodles and about 17 other dishes at Grace Garden
                    8. chocolate eclair at Gunnings crab house
                    9. a polish sausage with the works at Pollack Johnny's
                    10. a hot corned beef sandwhich, an egg creme , a potato knish and a coddie at Attman's
                    11. zarzuella de marisco's costa brava and a pitcher of Sangria at Tio Pepe's
                    12. a sunday morning munchout graze at the Baltimore Outdoor Farmers market

                    Grace Garden
                    1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

                    Prime Rib
                    1101 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

                    1. My 10 of the moment, in no order:
                      Lamb meatballs, Mezze
                      Roasted salmon, Mezze
                      Sweet potato fries, Waterstone grill
                      Cheese plate (with triple crème brie ) and fries, Petit Louis
                      Grilled salmon salad with miso vinaigrette, Donna’s
                      Vegetarian combo platter, Dukem
                      Forbidden rice & roasted sweet potato curry, Dogwood
                      Any soup with rosemary bread at Atwaters Ploughboy Soups
                      Crab cake sandwich and fries—Corner Stable
                      Bread pudding with caramel sauce—Café Hon

                      Petit Louis
                      4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

                      1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

                      Ploughboy Soup
                      1425 Clarkview Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209

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                      1. re: stephanieg

                        No partic. order:

                        Kebab and naan at Meiwand Kebab

                        Large Polish (with sauce) at Polock Johnny's

                        Crabcake, oysters and beer at Faidley's

                        Scrapple and eggs at Jimmy's

                        Tacos at El Nayar

                        Shortribs at Peter's Inn

                        Pastrami/corned beef combo at Attman's

                        Fish noodles and zechuan fish filet at Grace Garden

                        Earl Grey and gingersnap gelatos at that gelato place in Fells Point
                        Prime Rib and oysters at Snyder's Willow Grove

                        El Nayar
                        6790 Business Pkwy, Elkridge, MD 21075

                        Peter's Inn
                        504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                        Grace Garden
                        1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

                        Polock Johnny's
                        3212 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230

                        1. re: flavrmeistr

                          I second quite a lot on this whole thread but wanted to make sure Snyder's was covered. Time traveling machine with good food!

                          I also second: Grace Garden, Attman's, Faidley's, Jimmy's, Andy Nelson's, Pioneer Pit Beef (if that was even firsted...), and then pretty much all the taco trucks or eateries around the 175/95 interchange (R&R, Lily's and the trucks).

                          1. re: flavrmeistr

                            Have to add the lobster roll at Thames Street Oyster House in Fells Point. I could eat three of those things. Man...!

                        2. There's really two things I love eating in Baltimore above all else:

                          Sofi's Crepes and Atwater's soups.

                          Sofi's Crepes
                          1723 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

                          1. My Top Ten Favorites:

                            1. Faidley's crab cakes
                            2.Attman's corned beef
                            3.Ikaros -Mousaka, spinach pie, greek salad
                            4.Andy Nelson's pulled pork sandwich
                            5. Thai restaurant-Pad Thai,Basil green pea stir fry
                            6.Salty Dog steamed crabs
                            7.Patisserie Poupon desserts
                            8.Petit Louis french onion soup
                            9.Sip and Bite chicken souvlaki
                            10.Ambassador Outside-Special occasion.Anything

                            1. Welcome! A lot of my favorites have been said, so these are ten more in no particular order:

                              1. west indian patty at the Curry Shack at the Sat and Sun farmer's markets
                              2. kofta at Cazbar,
                              3. chicken souvlaki at Mr Souvlaki, which is a cart on the Bayview campus
                              4. perogies at Ze Mean Bean
                              5. fish and chips at Slainte (be hungry, it's heavily battered)
                              6. Dragon roll at Matsuri
                              7. Creamy with raspberries at Mr Yogato
                              8. Babaganoush at Baba's
                              9. Shepherd's pie with cheese at James Joyce
                              10. Corned beef and cabbage from Delia Foley's on St Patty's Day.

                              And a moment of silence for the homemade peanut butter cup/toasted marshmallow thing from the Bicycle. Sigh.

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                              1. re: jvanderh

                                I'll play...

                                1) Crab cakes or whole branzino at Henningers
                                2) Chocolate and pistachio roulade or poached pears at Petit Louis
                                3) Double-cooked pork at Hunan Taste (Catonsville)
                                4) Small plates, flatbreads, and desserts at Woodberry
                                5) Tacos carnitas and guacamole at Tortilleria Sinalao
                                6) Lamb meatballs at Tapas Teatro
                                7) Colossus bagel with smoked salmon at Greg's Bagels in Belvedere Square
                                8) Sushi at Chiyo
                                9) Bag of crabs, Cameron's Seafood
                                10) Used to LOVE the inventive soups and salads at Soup's On...but alas, it's been replaced by 'The Rustic Gourmet' which i've yet to try.

                                Greg's Bagels
                                519 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD

                                Petit Louis
                                4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

                                Tapas Teatro Cafe
                                1711 N Charles St Ste A, Baltimore, MD 21201

                                Cameron's Seafood
                                1540 Benning Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002

                                Hunan Taste
                                718 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

                                1. re: pistuk

                                  The Rustic Gourmet is a storefront for the folks (same name) you find serving Indian dishes at the farmer's markets around town.

                              2. I've only been to Baltimore once (live in DC), but I thought that quesadillas at Tortilleria Sinaloa were great. Tacos were also very good, esp. the barbacoa (goat).

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                                1. seeing all the love for Attman's brought a smile to my face. was love at first sight and bite.