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Jun 22, 2011 08:16 AM

Quebec City Restaurant options.. did I make the right choice?


My SO and I are heading to Quebec City for a long weekend in August. We have 3 nights to dine out and I have chosen three restaurants (made reservations already) to go to. I just want to make sure I made the right choice? Is there a better option then one of these I should try over another?

Restaurant Le Saint Amour ( I think this is a must so I don't know if I will change this unless I get a lot of bad feedback, but I hear its excellent)

Charbon Steakhouse

Restaurant Le Continental



Charbon Steakhouse
450 Rue De La Gare-Du-Palais, Quebec, QC G1K3X2, CA

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  1. I think you have made at least 2 great choices. Le Saint-Amour is one of the best tables in the city, and the Continental has a lot of French vintage charm. However, I wonder why you would choose a steakhouse, unless you are a big steak fan. Le Charbon is great, but a good steakhouse can be found almost everywhere.

    IMO, if you want to try the Quebec experience to the fullest, I highly recommend the Panache at the Auberge Saint-Antoine. Probably the second best table, ex aequo with the Saint-Amour.

    Also, if you wanna try something seasonal and a bit adventurous (but not too much), the Laurie Raphaël is a must. If I were you, I'd ditch the Continental for this one (but this is my personal choice). The chef, Daniel Vézina, is not only a star, but has been one of the precursor of modern Quebec cuisine.

    Have a nice trip!

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      Thanks. I looked at Panache and was interested in that one also but we wanted to mix it up a bit so we thought of adding a Steakhouse in there... but I maybe change..

      Laurie Raphaël I have not heard of but I just looked it up and it looks really appealing. I will pass this along to the bf to see what he thinks.

      Thanks for the input!! Much appreciated!

    2. I'd throw in L'Echaude instead of Charbon - different type of steak - but if you want a bistro-like, slightly more relaxed dinner, it is well worth trying.

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