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Jun 22, 2011 08:04 AM

Ippudo HK

Anyone privy to the grand opening date of Ippudo in Silvercord TST? I walked by the other day and saw a liquor notice taped to the wall but nothing else.

And since we're on the topic of ramen in HK, has anyone tried 達磨日式拉麵 in CWB? I think I read about it in 飲食男女 and thought it sounded promising.

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  1. Sometime July is the latest I've heard.

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    1. re: harryrodgers

      I can't wait. That said, an Australian/ Japanese place which opened a month or so ago in Sheung Wan is keeping me from spending too much at MIST - Men-dokoro Ryo Tei

      Not bad if you need a stop gap - the fish stock and pork bone broth is probably the best.

    2. What's the best Japanese ramen you've had in HK so far HKF?

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      1. re: K K

        Probably MIST, I'm not a fan of Butao or Hide-chan despite them being very popular. Sapporo in the Forum used to be my stop gap but now I go to Ryo on Hillier Street.

        Ippudo (if as good as NY branch) will take them all though!

        1. re: K K

          Hmm, I haven't had a lot of ramen in HK but the few places I have been to were not that good. I checked out 札幌元祖北海道拉麵 Sapporo Japanese Restaurant a while back and 達磨日式拉麵 Daruma Ramen House recently, both of which were pretty bad.

        2. Ippudo in Mandarin Gallery Singapore served some very delicious buta-no-kakuni and dashimaki tamago, besides their ramen. But I'd gotten the "Chinese restaurant" (MSG) syndrome - palpitating heartbeat, cold sweat, headache, extreme thirstiness - after each of my last 3 visits :-( Maybe I'm allergic to some of their condiments.

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          1. re: klyeoh

            I've "heard" but no personal experience that Ippudo in Sing is the worst of the bunch... but who the hell knows.

            I am just curious as to how the HK one compares.

            News from the building site is that it will open mid July

          2. Ippudo is opening (soft?) 13 July, don't know if they're just doing press or walk-ins though.

            Btw Daruma's lines frustrate me, as do Butao's.

            Sapporo has moved down to Connaught Road, sort of opposite IFC; official address is Des Voeux but entrance is on Connaught. Larger space, less lines at lunch, same (decent but not amazing and sometimes inconsistent) quality, no complaints.

            Another ramen place has opened on Kau U Fong, near The Chairman - anyone tried it out?