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Jun 22, 2011 07:59 AM

Buffalo for lunch or dinner: Lake Effect Diner or Mulberry's Italian Ristorante

We visit Buffalo once or twice a year (it’s a 3.5 hour drive for us) and we heard about Lake Effect Diner or Mulberry’s Italian Ristorante from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

We’re looking for good food, reasonable prices and a place that is clean. Friendly service would be a bonus.

Which of the 2 would you suggest (diner or Italian food, we’re flexible).

We will be going for either lunch or dinner on Sunday, June 26th.

I believe Mulberry’s is about a 20 minute drive from Walden Galleria. Would prefer nothing further than that.

(Our normal go to place is Red Robin or the Cheesecake Factory, but we would like to try something different).


Red Robin
600 Towne Dr, Fayetteville, NY 13066

Lake Effect Diner
3165 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

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  1. I just noticed you never got an answer to your question. Having just come back from a Diner's Drive Ins and Dives expedition into Buffalo, we at at these two locations and also at Sophia's.

    The two you have chosen are such opposites. All the food we ate was good. If you are looking for a really casual place to nudge up to the lunch counter and grab lunch (or all day breakfast like we did), then Lake Effect is the way to go. Cozy, but very small so i imagine it fills up quickly during busy times.

    Mulberry was much bigger but more casual than we expected. We could have gone in our jeans and felt right at home with the sports memorabilia on the wall and the loud music and TV's in the big front room. Food was great and portions were gigantic.

    Either way, you can't go wrong. I'll also give one last plug for Sophia's as they had probably the best breakfast I have ever had in a restaurant.