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sour cherries at farmers markets?

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Have I missed the season entirely? Has anyone seen them at a local farmers market or other store? Usually I go pick my own but I'm a little too pregnant this year. Thanks!

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  1. this sunday the cherry guy at jfx told me he sold out by 8 am :(

    1. A vendor at the Upper King Street Market (by the King Street Metro) had them last week. The market is every Wed. from 3-7pm.

      1. Westmoreland Berry Farm had them at Mt. Vernon (Wed. mornings). You may be able to catch them at the Arlington Courthouse market Sat morning. Get there early, as the line can get very loooooooooooooooooooong.

        1. Larriland Farm in MD has them. Call and see if they have any in their store, already picked. I just bought 2 quarts already picked.

          Larriland Farm
          2415 Woodbine Rd, Woodbine, MD

          1. Quaker Valley (is that the correct farm name?) had them at Mt Pleasant (DC) market on Saturday, and they also sell at Dupont so seems likely.

            1. Kuhn's at the 14th & U market Sat. morning.

              1. I bought from Kuhn's at the Wakefield Rec Center (Annandale) Wednesday and bought more at Black Rock Orchards this morning at the Falls Church farmer's market.

                One batch is in the cherry pie in the oven baking. The other batch will be frozen to enjoy later, maybe in a tart or something.

                1. I got a quart for four bucks at the new Friday Farmer's Market at Hopkins Plaza in Baltimore. The market opens at 10 a.m., but the farmer was there setting up around 8:30 when I was walking by, and I grabbed them. They were bursting with juice - and very flavorful. Made a clafouti out of them. He also had apricots.

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                    Several of the vendors that are in Crystal City Tuesday afternoons had them last week. We just finished off the last of the cobbler I made from them.

                  2. I saw them Saturday at the Mount Pleasant farmers' market as well as on Sunday at the Dupont one this weekend.

                    Mount Pleasant Cafe
                    6001 Hillen Rd, Baltimore, MD 21239

                    1. Bloomingdale market had them yesterday and I thought of you.

                      1. I'm not sure if you're DC or Baltimore, but both the Waverly market on Saturday and the JFX market on Sunday had them this week (and I didn't go to either particularly early) and probably will again next week.

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                          Saw plenty at the Kensington FM yesterday.

                        2. I think Butlers Orchard is still selling them but you have to call ahead and reserve them.

                          1. I got a quart at the South Riding (Loudoun County) market on Saturday. They are now in a claufouti.

                            1. City of Manassas Farmer's Market had them on Thursday 6/30. I didn't go last week so I don't know if they still had some.