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Jun 22, 2011 07:44 AM

july restaurants..input wanted

we were in paris 4 years ago and this trip, i've decided to focus only do a few reservations - and then also a few places that don't take reservations.

we're staying in the 11th. i'd love input about whether to go to chez michel or chez casimir. i was leaning toward the latter and this would be one of our reservations.

we're also going to reserve at L’Ecailler du Bistrot, - our seafood splurge.

with no reservations, we're hoping to hit j'go and for a night of dinner and then a walk to the eifel tower, i'm thinking les cocottes in the 7th.

thoughts? (i should say that we love great bistros - both traditional and forward thinking - not interested in fussy high-end this trip).


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  1. I live up the street from the J'go in the 9th. There are always overflowing crowds. You need to reserve. But the last few times I went, the food was not very good while the service was somewhat out of control.
    In fact, the restaurants you chose tend to be good ones a while back. Do you have an old guidebook? :-)
    Why don't you search under bistro on this board and tell us which ones interest you.

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      l'ecailler not good anymore?
      i did search...i tend to do a lot of research. many times people recommend super fussy places...we live in out a lot...not interested in that. (plus, our guests love food but very down-to-earth style).
      j'go because i adore lamb in any fashion...i'll take other options there. (there's one in the 7th and 9th yes? didn't realize that we could reserve that..)
      called l'ecailler just now but got an answering machine in super-fast french so i have no idea how to make a reservation there. if you decided you want to let me know what she's saying...i wouldn't say no! • 01 43 72 76 77
      we wanted to reserve again at le comtoir (ate there last time( but in july and august no reservations).

      have you been to casimir or michel?

      1. re: redgirl


        Still good I hear. As a spoiled local living very near a good poissonnerie, I never get my seafood platters from a resto. Just had a huge seafood platter yesterday "commissioned" from my poissonnerie. This way tends to be much cheaper but with the same quality and freshness as a resto. For example, last night we had 6 oysters (n°2) and half a crab and 2 super size shrimp each, plus bulots and crevettes grises. Costs less than 15 euro per person. If you stay in a rental and are near a market with a good poissonnerie, you should consider this option. order the seafood platter - composed by you - a few hours in advance and ask them to open the oysters for you.

        You have a huge number of restos to choose from without having to go to a fussy resto. Even most of the starred places are not fussy. But I hope I understand what you mean, as "romantic" and "fussy" are those words that mean different things to different people.

        The lamb at J'go used to be good but has not been that good in the last 3 years.

        I called the number. The outgoing message said: your called party is taking a call already. Please wait. He is being beeped and knows you are waiting.

        1. re: Parigi

          that was very sweet of you...thanks. i just called and did make the reservation. i appreciate the advice and it's something i'd do here in nyc but on vacation...happy to sit in the restaurant!

          thanks for the advice re j'go...any great rôtisserie you would recommend? i love roast lamb and all rôtisserie meats (and their accompaniments!)

          1. re: redgirl

            Again we spoiled locals make full use of the fab markets and make our own rack of lamb.
            Hey, you did not ask for this, but do check out a market in your 'hood. A market in France is a thing to behold.
            Some of the markets have great rotisseries.

            And seek and you shall find.
            I googled Paris and lamb and found this:

          2. re: Parigi

            I am so jealous your poissonnerie does that. I need to live in a bigger "food" city. I can put my own together of course but it is 100% by myself. I could never get half a crab here and would have to cook everything else myself too.

            1. re: thimes

              For your next visit to Paris, get a rental instead of hotel !