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Jun 22, 2011 07:06 AM

Pizza in St. Petersburg?

I just moved into town about two months ago and just found about chowhound recently so bare with me. I have been trying alot of okay pizza. Anyone recommend a solid "New York" Style pizza? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nic, there isn't a ton of amazing NYC Style pizza in St Pete, but there are some good ones, I'm sure some St Pete hounds will chime in. If you're willing to cross the bridge, I'm a huge fan of the Margherita pie at Paci's on S Dale Mabry in Tampa, Skip the owner/chef is from Brooklyn and imports NY water to make the pies.

    Also coming soon to St Pete will be Pete's Wood Fired Pizza, with a World of Beer next door, which is really stellar pie (the one he has near USF is probably the best pizza in Tampa), so that's something to look forward to!

    1. I have sampled many, many of the St. Petersburg pizza offerings in the Old Northeast area and am SO looking forward to Pete's Wood Fired opening.
      I also agree with Todd about Paci's and depending on where you live, its South Tampa location isn't too bad.
      That being said, I think the best and most consistent of what I have tried for NY-style on our side of the bridge is Astra's on 16th St by 22nd Ave N. The place is not much to look at but the texture and flavor of the pies is decent -- closed on Sundays though.

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        Joey Brooklyn's was pretty tasty when I had it about a year ago. Went there with a buddy before a Rays game and ordered a whole fresh pie. No complaints about the food -- but I could've done without the kids wandering by (before the ICP show around the corner at Jannus Landing) and acting obnoxious.

        1. re: EdC

          Ed, nothing like "Juggalos" to ruin a good pie, right? Youtube/Hulu search (or netflix) for the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode with the juggalo kid in it, it's pretty hilarious.

        2. re: monadelmar

          +1 on Astra's. Nice owners as well.

          1. re: fdobbs1

            I can't believe I have never eaten their pizza.

            1. re: Little T.

              And now I have :-) - Pretty good. Good crust, fresh toppings - overall, a good pie. They use Grande cheese (Do I have that right [grande]?). The owners seem very nice. I can't believe I've never seen the place.

          2. re: monadelmar

            Where else have you had pizza from? That way, when I publish my list of go-to pizza joints, I will know to exclude it or not ;-)

          3. Thanks all. Will definitely try both sides of the bay to the places mentioned above.

            1. What about Vito and Michael's in St. Pete Beach? I love their pizza and reminds of pie of had in New York. I am not sure the style is exact , but I think it is close and it is good.

              7704 Blind Pass Road
              St. Pete Beach, FL 33706-1727
              (727) 360-3658

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              1. re: juli5122

                I second Vito & Michael's...their veggie pizza is top notch, as is their garbage pizza. I like that they sell them by the slice as well as by the pie...and they are open until 3am.

              2. I'm not sure what you have tried so far, but here are the places (mostly NE St. Pete), where I frequently get pizza from:

                1. Valentino's Little Italy
                2. Paisanos Pizza n' Pasta
                3. Tour de Pizza
                4. Cappy's Pizza - They make both NY and Chicago deep dish. Both are great but the deep dish stands out. Normally, I don't like deep dish, but I think Cappy's does it perfectly - Better than anything I have had in Chicago. Plus, they have a decent selection of micro beers in bottles which is always a plus.
                5. Joey Brooklyns
                6. Pegs Cantina (gulfport) - Not NY style but good. AND, you get to drink fresh home brewed beer plus tons of other micros in bottle and usually several other guest beers on tap.
                7. Old NE pizza - I think their pizza is tasty, but usually they load it up with too much sauce. Ask them to go easy.
                8. Astra's

                Gianni's NY Pizza is supposed to be good, but I have not been. How about Bella Brava for takeout? They have real tasty pizza. Heck, I like Carrabba's pizza. There are others but this is all I can think of at the moment.

                So, where have you eaten so far?