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Jun 22, 2011 06:50 AM

St. Petersburg's Alesia Restaurant?

I just tried this place and thought it was pretty good. Has anyone else tried or heard much about the place?

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  1. I've been once and plan to go back, maybe today for lunch. The owner said she and her sister are Vietnamese and grew up in Paris (it's named after the street where they grew up), so the menu is French and Vietnamese. I had a pretty good Pho, and my wife had a nice chicken salad (not the American version all chopped up with mayo but grilled chicken on a bed of very fresh greens with a light vinaigrette ). They didn't have bane mi, but said they planned to add it to the menu soon. Overall, a really sweet space with a nice outdoor dining area (too bad they are not open later than 7 p.m., since it's too hot to sit outside right now, but she said they may try later hours on weekends). Overall a welcome addition to the westside neighborhood, which is badly in need of good restaurants.

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      Wait, is this like Restaurant BT (French-Vietnamese) but without the absurd prices?

      Color me interested...

      Also where the heck is it? I can't find it on google maps.

      1. re: askdrtodd

        It's at 7204 Central in west St. Petersburg, pretty much the last commercial block before you hit the causeway to Treasure Island. It doesn't have anywhere near the ambition of BT's, and certainly not the absurd prices (but then what does?) Just had a banh mi and a cup of lobster bisque for $6. The sandwich was a special, so it hasn't found a permanent spot on the menu, but the owner said it will if customers like it. Nice crusty french bread, pate, ham, prosciutto, and the usual extras. Very nice. They've been open less than a month, so they're still working through some kinks (the bisque was lukewarm when it came out, but they quickly replaced it). But it was full at lunchtime. I think the folks on this side of down are grateful to have something this nice open in the neighborhood? Not sure it's worth a drive from Tampa, unless you're heading to the beach or something.

        1. re: Tom Scherberger

          Thanks for the post, I live around the corner and you are right about the lack of restaurants. The breakfast menu sound good as well. I will let you about the Mexican Burro salsa as soon as we meet up.

          1. re: juli5122

            Ready when you are for the Burro salsa!

    2. Looks great. Thanks for posting!

      charcuterie platter . . . Mmmmmmm

      1. Went for lunch today and loved it. The interior is chic, I thought it was interesting that the kitchen was in the back building, reminded me of when they always kept the kitchen separate due to smells and fire.
        The staff were very friendly, it was fairly busy but we got seated within 5 min.

        We ordered the banh mi and charcuterie both were excellent. I really liked the bread on the banh mi, lightly crispy but still tender inside. The banh mi came with soup or salad, we opted for salad it was nice and simple but the dressing was very garlicky. Make sure you share with your S.O. .
        The pate on the charcuterie was very tasty. Presentation was nice and the pesto was a nice touch.
        My daughter (picky eater) ordered the hot dog plain, loved the bread (it was on a baguette) ate that with butter and devoured the hot dog as well.
        My husband ordered the mint soda (diablo) it was actually pretty good reminded me of non alcoholic green creme de menthe with sprite.

        As Tom and everyone else has mentioned, a really nice addition to the neighborhood.