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Jun 22, 2011 06:31 AM

kosher hotel for shabbos thus summer

Does anyone know of any kosher hotels , or kosher weekends in the tri state area this summer ?

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  1. Kutshers. I also saw the O-U was running a marriage improvement weekend at some hotel in NJ in about 2 weeks

    1. You can go to one of the several small inns in Westhampton Village, sign up for dinner at the Hamptonsn Synagogue, eat lunch at the magnificent kiddush, and seudah slishi. and Sunday breakfast at the bakery cafe in the village. Same drill at Chabad of Southampton.

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        thanks, but we are looking to have a family get together - siblings , granchildren , grandparents , etc etc , and we are B'H a big group , and we will also need something to keep the kids busy as well.

        1. re: georgeliot

          you might want to find hotel in the tri-state area and make your own catering arrangements

          1. re: berel

            or find a caterer and find out what venues they do, the attached link is just an example(not a recommendation)


            1. re: berel

              this is NOT a good idea. A caterer who has at one time or another catered at a location is not necessarily there often. The caterer mentioned above has been brought in to those venues in the past, often more than 20 years ago (FULL DISCLOSURE, I worked for them in 1978-80), the venue kitchen was kashered for the affair and then back to treif. This particular caterer is not Glatt, also has a treif catering business running from the same location and no full time mashgiach.

              1. re: bagelman01

                did you miss the part where I said I'm not recommending that specific caterer?

                1. re: berel

                  I saying that just because a caterer can cater an affair at a particuklar venue does NOT mean they are suited to cater an entire weekend at that venue.
                  A hotel may let a kosher caterer come in on a Saturday night and do a wedding or Bar Mitzvah. The caterer has to kasher the kitchen, take over the ballroom and you the patron pays a very hefty fee to the venue.
                  Even if the OP's family was 50 people for the weekend, the cost of the hotel giving up its kitchen and a private dining room for 9 meals, the kosher supervision, tying up the caterer's personnel for the weekend would make this absolutely prohibitive.

                  If a hotel had an official kosher caterer who had a full time kosher kitchen at the hotel, it might be doable, but those are extremely rare in this day and age.

          2. re: georgeliot

            Sounds lovely. A hotel may be what you need or desire. I'm curious to hear if this exists, other than the Catskills.

            In case you find the info useful, however, some families make get-togethers work by renting a large summer place, or adjacent places, for a week or two in the place where they want to be and using a combination of catering, grilling, and cold cereal. I happen to know that Park East delivers in the Hamptons. And recently learned that Chataqua with its many activities has a minyan and kosher availability. Sports and activities for the kids in cottages instead of a hotel. In the summer, you can sometimes find a highly-qualified aspiring teacher who need employment the week you happen to be going. Lots of outstanding shomer shabbat kids are having toruble finding jobs at the moment. I know I'm not answering the question you posed, but there are many ways to have a great family vacation.

            1. re: AdinaA


              we usually go away Thanksgiving with about 35 family members. We have found that we can rent timeshares with modern kitchens with self cleaning ovens. We order prepared food from a caterer or other kosher purveyor and buy milk, juice, cereal, etc from the local supermarket. The timeshares are very good about letting us have a large room for 'all of us' meals. Breakfast is usually eaten in the individual units. The kids make great use of the facilities and it works out fine.

              Last year we used a timeshare in Hyannis on Cape Cod. There is a supermarket right next door, and the Chabad synagogue is one block away. Cost was reasonable, as it was off season, about 100 per night for units that slept 4 or 125 for units that slept 6. My wife and her sisters supplemented the ordered food by baking while we were there.

              The kids never had to worry about limited junk food at a hotel, as the supermarket was a 2 minute walk. Indoor pool and small clubhouse suited them fine.

              In the past we have done similarly in Orlando and Myrtle beach, but had to set up our own services.

              1. re: bagelman01

                Do you own a timeshare somewhere and have weeks coming to you? Or do you just rent it in the free market, more or less like a hotel room or a cottage?

                Because it sounds like a great idea for vacation for a large, extended kosher family. Some of them have a range of resort-like facilities. But I think with some of them you have to buy in.

                1. re: AdinaA

                  I know that at least some time shares can be rented like hotel rooms.

                  1. re: AdinaA

                    we have timeshare and would be more than happy to help someone gain access as well as guide someone through the maze

                    1. re: AdinaA

                      we own timeshares, but also rent paying nightly rates when we don't want a whole week. I often go to Cape Cod on business and find that the nightly rental is often cheaper than a hotel room, especially when I get a full kitchen to meet kosher needs. Chabad on the Cape is very helpful with food, if you don't want to arrange your own. But there are Stop and Shop and Star Markets nearby with lots of kosher products.

                    2. re: bagelman01

                      I would love to do that next Passover. It sounds wonderful. I'm guessing that a time share in the florida area would be expensive then.

                      1. re: hks315

                        it really depends on when pesach comes out in regards to easter, if they coincide, yes, if not, then maybe not

                        but eitehr way, generally timeshare in orlando, during an expensive week will cost for one week what similar accomodations would cost for a night in a hotel

                  2. re: georgeliot

                    You really need to get a copy of the Jewish Press and look through the ads.

                    I don't know if this will suit your schedule but plenty of places will be doing Shabbat Nachamu packages

                    1. re: vallevin

                      thanks so much everyone. I will keep y'all posted.