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Jun 22, 2011 05:15 AM

Kulushkat: falafel in Park Slope

Tho I live about three feet from a Zaytoons, I almost never eat falafel in brownstone Brooklyn because it's generally not very good. I used to dream about a Taim-style place opening its doors near me.

Now maybe it has. While Kulushkat is not three feet from me, it's certainly nearer than Taim or any of the places on Coney Island Ave.

And, if my sampling yesterday is any indication, it's good. Really good. They just opened on Friday and don't have some things yet (like sabich sandwiches and takeout menus), but the people running the place are incredibly friendly and eager to please, always a plus. It's also evident how much pride they take in the food they are serving.

I passed by while running errands yesterday afternoon and stopped in to sample some falafel. I wasn't hungry enough for a sandwich or anything else, so just tried the plain balls on their own, which is my falafel measure anyway.

These were good—green with herbs, nice flavor, fried well. They also have spicy falafel, a chicken based one, and a mushroom based one. I didn't try any of those, so can't report.

Though there is no fixings bar like the ones at Olympic Pita or any of those places down Coney Island Ave., you can have any of several varieties of delicious looking salads on your pita. They also offer a fried chicken cutlet sandwich, which, if it's any good, will save me having to haul down to Schnitzi's when the mood strikes.

If this place lives up to its promise, it will be exciting news for felafel-loving folks nearby.

446 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  1. Thanks for the review, missmasala. Spicy falafel sounds intriguing! But for me, spicy anything sounds good.

    Just for search purposes, I believe the restaurant's name is Kulushkat.

    446 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      You're correct. Egads, it's wrong in my header and post!

      how do i fix that for future searchers?

      1. re: missmasala

        Hi, Missmasala...

        I would seem to live down the block from you (St Marks betw Flatbush and Carlton.) Please let me know if you ever need an extra participant in research.

    2. Thanks for posting. Here's a menu, from their Facebook page.

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        Here's another attempt at legibility--

        ----edit----oh well, sorry. Can't seem to size this in any useful way.

        1. re: JonL

          Very nice. I hope to graze my way through the menu but I had to start at the beginning with a classic falafel sandwich.
          I'm not sure if there are are any component choices offered--I was not offered any--and I do miss a fixings bar. I wolfed this down without a lot of analysis but between the ample amounts of excellent falafel, the bread and..was there bulgur in the salad?--a chopped salad with nice texture--the mouthfuls were pretty bready/grainy. I ate this at home and I doused it liberally with a vinegary hot sauce which really cut nicely. So pickled veggie fixings would be welcome to round out the sandwich.
          Location, btw, is two doors down from the old Taro.
          I'll be back.

          1. re: JonL

            Stopped in for lunch the other day. Very tasty -- the falafel aren't too greasy, the toppings well thought out and of an appropriate amount. (Particularly good was the eggplant in the spicy falafel sandwich.)

            Been sick of the Palestinian/Lebanese falafel around the South Brooklyn area (not that they're bad, just had too many of them) -- it's nice to have more Israeli-influenced falafel in the area. Plus, they deliver to Downtown Brooklyn (before Smith St).

      2. The original comment has been removed