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Jun 22, 2011 12:17 AM

kosher in london

looking for recc for kosher food in london esp if they deliver

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  1. A lot will depend on where you are. Most of the kosher restaurants are in North West London and beyond where most of the Jews live. Central London has Reubens and Bevis Marks which may be able to deliver. A good option is Hermolis, who do the airline meals, which happen to be the best kosher airline meals in the world, IMHO. They have a whole range of catering options and will deliver to your hotel or office, and I think they do double wrapped stuff for warming. Just google them

    1. It does depend on where you are. Also, there have been fairly recent discussions on this list of restaurants and access to them form various hotel districts in London. Just type London into a search on the kosher board.

      1. Nothing fancy, but decent, kosher and incredibly convenient: DD's sandwiches are found everywhere in London-- train stations, grocery stores, etc.

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          The certifications on the linked website are from 2005 and 2003.

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            I'm fairly certain the certification is still valid and the website is just out of date. At least it was valid a little over a year ago. When you find the sandwiches the LBD certification should appear on the packaging.

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              I'm from London - the certification for DD's is 100% valid - KLBD & Kedassia so no problems there.

              The sandwiches are very good and can be found pretty easily over most of Central London. I believe DD's are owned by Hermolis (they are based in the same factory) so quality is assured.

              Any other recommendations just ask.

              In terms of Central London restaurants, you're restricted to Reubens (Sephardi Kashrut) in Baker St and Bevis Marks (Sephardi Kashrut) in the City - although there is due to be a new restaurant opening down the road from Reubens soon - KLBD.

              Otherwise hop on the tube to Golders Green/Hendon/Edgware.

              Hope that helps