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Jun 21, 2011 09:43 PM

Devil's Teeth Baking Company in the Outer Sunset?

At dinner last night, my friends who live in Ocean Beach raved about the new bakery and cafe in their nabe, Devil's Teeth Baking Company. They reported Blue Bottle coffee and a great variety of baked goods and savory snacks. Checking the website now, , BEIGNETS are available on Sunday. What do 'hounds like here?

Devil's Teeth Baking Company
3876 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

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  1. I've been 2x in as many days. There is a large variety of baked goods such as oatmeal, chocolate chip and gingersnap cookies. These are big, teacup saucer size. They are chewy good. Also there are mini size alfajores. They also have a selection of bars--lemon, brownies and blondies. The blondie is FANTASTIC--white chips, pecans, thick but not cakey, just the right consistency for me. Also bought a 1/2 loaf of sourdough ($4) that was nearly perfect. I am cutting them a break given the microclimate out here. It took the bakers at Outerlands a bit to nail down the bread due to fluctuating moisture.

    Now the best for last! This morning I had their to-be signature breakfast sandwich--scrambled egg and bacon on a flaky but with tooth biscuit. I was so happy sitting on the Ocean Beach sea wall sipping a Blue Bottle and devouring this $5 dollar more-than satisfying breakfast.

    Really great to have this place in the nabe!

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      Great timing for your sojourn to Ocean Beach . . . sunshine and new delicious food finally in the neighborhood. A rave from a great baker like you means a great deal. Thanks so much for posting, I want all of it!

      Outerlands Cafe
      4001 Judah St, San Francisco, CA 94122

    2. The breakfast sandwich is a great value - chock full of egg, so almost a meal for two.

      The first weekend they opened the beignets were undercooked but I've heard from others since then that it hasn't been an issue again. I think they are still adjusting recipes a bit as I've noticed the sticky bun has tasted different day to day.

      Quiche and chicken salad are also really good. Nice people too. hopefully their application for a permit for outdoor seating comes through soon.

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        I agree about the breakfast sandwich, it's a great value and very tasty especially the biscuit. My only complaint is that the biscuit would be much better if it were heated on the grill while cooking the eggs. What you get now is a room temp. biscuit and hot egg, cheese and bacon.

        I've only had a few sweet items. While the chocolate cake I had was quite good, nice texture and moist, all the cakes suffer the same issue as far as I'm concerned...they're only about an inch, inch and a half high which includes the frosting. The cut size and thickness vary from cake to cake so the value is often different since they pieces are all priced at $3.

        Overall, I think they have a good thing going out there. They could use some help visually with the place, often the hand written signs for the items are mixed up and the place is not always very clean and tidy, ie the glass cases and bathroom. I'm hoping they can get it together given more time and input.

      2. Ate here for the first time last weekend. I agree that the breakfast sandwich is a great value, large and tasty, and they were nice enough to sub tomato for the bacon at my request. The biscuit was heavenly, flaky and buttery. The sandwich could use some seasoning though (maybe just mine since it was baconless?). The staff are super friendly, and the shop was consistently busy during the hour and a half I was there. I love the parklet right out front. I didn't think any of the baked goods I tried were remarkable (carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie, apricot oat scone--there were three of us, I didn't eat all that myself!). They were good, just not worth a special trip IMO. However Devil's Teeth is a charming spot, and a perfect destination for a weekend bike ride/breakfast (for me, anyways, living in the Western Addition), so I'll definitely be returning.

        1. Ate here for the first time today. Drip coffee was very good and my dining companions enjoyed their soy lattes. Cinnamon bun wasn't warm at all and was only okay. Basically good but nothing special. Donut muffin was better as it tastes like there's some attention paid to the spicing, which had a good hint of nutmeg. Breakfast sandwiches were on homemade biscuits which were delicious, but it made for a heavy sandwich. I personally prefer an English muffin, but the scrambled eggs were fluffy with plenty of black pepper and the bacon was good quality.

          It's a nice little place especially for a sunny morning. Worth paying a visit and nice to combine, as we did, with a bike ride to the beach.