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Jun 21, 2011 08:19 PM

Domizetti-- Does anyone know what this is?

Tonight at a potluck everyone was to bring a dish from their childhood. My friend brought a baked dish her grandmother would make, with spiral pasta, ground beef, spaghetti sauce, cheese, etc. She said it's called Domizetti, and the great-aunts each have a slightly different version, but all call it that. I googled it in as many spellings as I could think of and came up with zilch. My friend said it's spelled with an "m", and not an "n". Also, her grandmother is Irish, not Italian. I'm thinking a CH might know a CH who has a relative who makes this. Any ideas?

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  1. Growing up, a common weekday dinner at our house was something my (non-Italian, Chicago-raised) mother called "Johnny Marzetti." Pasta, ground beef, spaghetti sauce with onions, served with grated cheese. It sounds a lot like what you just described.

    It was the kind of casserole that stre-e-etched the budget to feed eight people.

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      Thanks, KT, "Johnny Marzetti" could easily morph downwards into "Domizetti". Sure enough, recipes for JM are all over the Internet with these same ingredients. Case solved, I think!

    2. Sounds like, "American Chop Suey" as it's called in New England anyway.

      1. Domizetti = famous composer of the opera "Madama Butterfly." Or was that...Porcini?