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Jun 21, 2011 06:28 PM

Restaurants around Dundas Square - please recommend.

Are there any decent restaurants around Dundas Square?

Just tried to go to Milestones and of course they make you wait 20 minutes so you can buy a drink at the bar? Then they sat us at the penalty box - the waiter cud not even get in to ask us what we wanted. No need to give my money to them ever! WTH. Left.

Didn't do much better, headed over to the Baton Rouge, they sat us at the tiny bar table even tho it was around 8pm and the restaurant was only 1/2 full. Freak a teeny weeny table I can hardly put my elbows on. And my butt hurt after I ate. No cushioned seats. The ribs were so so... its not that great. Why I ordered that? Anyhow won't be returning. I can't believe it.. am not even that full!

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  1. I like Trinity for daily specials and sometimes the soups and other times the tasty desserts (hit and miss with both since quality is not always consistent and the options change daily---though you will ALWAYS hit mac and cheese on Mondays); Sears caf for pizza; Big Fat Burrito (others here swear by Chipotle); Spadina Gardens for Chinese; Commensal for something healthy if not cheap; and that diner... what is it called on Victoria... there is also Pickle Barrel. I don't go very often but some things aren't that bad.

    Spadina Garden
    116 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON , CA

    1. In addition to what has been said Kenzo Ramen is surprisingly good and close to Dundas Square and Sushi House has a pretty strong AYCE sushi if you are into that.

      Kenzo Ramen
      6180 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2M, CA