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Jun 21, 2011 05:37 PM

UPDATES needed - Las Vegas & Phoenix / Scottsdale

I will be heading to these locals shortly. Any UPDATES on Kosher Restaurants at either location would be appreciated.

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  1. I know this is after your trip but since we are just back from Las Vegas I figured I would post where we went for future visitors. We were in Las Vegas for a week and found that overall the food was fine (nothing that if it was in New York I would rush to go back to) but somewhat expensive for the kind of food it was.

    We ate at Jerusalem Grill and also picked up take out food to take on our trip to the national parks. The menu is your standard Shwarma restaurant menu but the food was good.

    Another night we ate at Pannini Cafe. They had a very extensive menu with many great choices. The food, however, was mediocre. It could have been our choices but we were only really happy with our smoothies and the appetizers. Furthermore the service was very slow.

    One day we went to Yaffa's Steakhouse which, when we got there, ended up being Wok On Over. Since one of the people there was named Yaffa I assume it was the same place just renamed. Wok On Over, offer an interesting menu of Mongolian Wok (you choose your meat, vegetables and sauce and they cook it for you), Mexican and Israeli. We got the Mongolian Wok which was good. Service was quick -- something we were especially happy with since we had a tight schedule.

    The last restaurant we tried was Adar's pizza, which is just a couple of blocks off the northern end of the strip. It is more of a sit down restaurant than a pizza shop and they have pasta, pizza, some mexican food and they serve you at your table. The decor is more pizza shop like though. The food was good. We ended up eating there twice mostly because of our schedule and when we wanted to avoid being fleishig.

    We also ate a few times at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. A limited menu of sandwiches and pastries but they are conveniently located on the strip at the Venetian and the Mall by Planet Hollywood.

    For shabbat we decided to just buy some food at the Albertson's near the Young Israel rather than ordering any of the packages that are offered by several of the restaurants. We went on a Thursday night so the selection was limited but there are frozen food options which we bought and microwaved before shabbat.

    It was nice to have so many choices for kosher food while on vacation. (Usually we live off tuna and peanut butter sandwiches.)

    1. We were in Scottsdale about 2 weeks ago. There is a great dairy cafe called Mozart with delicious paninis and salads and fresh baked bread/pastry.

      There is also a meat restaurant connected to a kosher supermarket that was also very good. Its located right next to the Chabad of Scottsdale. Their website is

      We also went to King Solomon's Pizza in Phoenix and that was also very good. Additionally, all of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain stores in that area are all kosher as well.

      Let me know if you need any more info.