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Jun 21, 2011 05:07 PM

Quick visit - Staying near Dupont Circle with kids

We are staying for a brief overnight before heading to Williamsburg for a family reunion. Staying at the Topaz, and it is coincidentally both my kids' birthday (turning 7 and 10). They are adventurous eaters from PNW, and can behave appropriately (usually!) in a decent restaurant. We are looking for something occasion worthy, and not dumbed down kid food. Would like something that is a local represenation of dining. Haven't been to DC since class trip days, so I am blind! I have searched this board a little and Firefly seems like a possible choice?

Also - anyone know what board is Williamsburg would be on - Mid-Atlantic?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Go to Hank's Oyster Bar. It is close. They have great seafood and mac and cheese.

    Hank's Oyster Bar
    1026 King St Ste 1, Alexandria, VA 22314

    1. Do you want to stay around Dupont Circle? If so I think Hank's Oyster Bar is a good choice especially if you are from the West Coast. It is East Coast seafood, so will be different than what you usually get.

      Urbana also could be a good choice. Certainly a more grown up environment but since it is located in a hotel they will be more than happy to serve kids. FIrefly is good but I personally prefer Urbana more these days (new chef doing awesome things!).

      P.S. Ignore the address for Hank's given on Chowhound. It only provides their VA location. The original is in Dupont Circle.

      Hank's Oyster Bar
      1026 King St Ste 1, Alexandria, VA 22314

      East Coast Cafe
      44 Calvert St, Annapolis, MD 21401

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        I thought I removed the VA information from my post. Here is their DC address: 1624 Q Street Northwest
        Washington D.C., DC 20009
        (202) 462-4265

      2. I think Firefly is a solid choice (as is Hanks, but I don't eat seafood so I've never been....but it's always packed) - it's a cute spot with great food (and amazing desserts...birthday treats!)

        Also check out the menu for Tabbard Inn - it's right next door and is a very cute, quirky, and yummy place. It's a DC institution, too

        1. Definitely go to the Tabard for breakfast. Your kids were born on the same day, three years apart? Wow.

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            Thanks all! We chose Firefly, thought the environment we be fun for kids. It was perfect, they loved it and were treated very special for their birthday. yummy, as well. The roasted artichoke side was the best bite of the nite!
            Tabard Inn was great, too. Really great brunch. Thanks for mentioning.

            Booked at Hanks for late lunch on way out of town. Perfect bookends!

            Tabard Inn
            1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

          2. Based on the input here, I had dinner last Saturday night at Firefly with a friend and our two 10 year old sons. It was a hit for everyone.

            Early in the meal, the restaurant brought the boys a raw sugar cookie in the shape of a gingerbread man along with sprinkles and chocolate chips to use for decoration. At dessert time, their cooked creations were served. The boys loved it. They also loved the cheeseburgers "as big as your head" from the kid's menu. Between the fresh bread, the burger and the cookie, my son left in a food coma!

            Meanwhile, we moms enjoyed our meals immensely. I had the soft shelled crab which was delectable. I ate every morsel of food on my plate. My friend had the pot roast, which was tender, rich, and delicious.

            I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a nice dinner, with our without kids!