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Jun 21, 2011 03:16 PM

Cape Cod Farmer's Markets

In my mid-life, I've turned into a proud Farmer's Market junkie. I've been going to the Cape all my life, and have been to a few markets at the Cape. So far, my favorite is the Harwich market, but I'm wondering if there are strong opinions for or against any markets? Which have more vendors? Better turnout? Thanks for your opinions!

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  1. I have not been to any but hope to start tomorrow with the Yarmouth market. Why do you love the Harwich market? When is it please? Chatham's is Tue. 3-6, kind of an odd time. How is that one?

    1. As you know it's very early in the Farmer's Market season. Lastr year I went to the Hyannis one a few times and it got better as the season wore on. This year they moved it to the Youth Center on Bearse's Way and the first one had about 6 vendors and was sparsely attended. The folks from Common Ground were there as usual selling baked good, teas, desserts and what not. Salty Lou's Lobster was selling Live lobsters for $7.99 per pound. Not really a deal. Angell Organics was selling herbs and live plants and greens. Someone else had soaps and botanicals, while another had honey and beeswax candles. The pizza guy was there with his mobile wood fired oven. They were pricey, but looked pretty tasty. Unfortunately I had just eaten so I didn't try one. The one in So. Yarmouth at the community center is tiny if I recall. Hoping to hit the Sandwich one myself. Surprisingly, there was a winter market for several Saturdays at Mahoney's in Falmouth that was terrific, and busy.

      Here's a link to a list of local markets....


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        CCG- When and where is the Sandwich market? I could not find it on the linked list.


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          On the village green on 6A on Tuesdays 9AM -1 PM.

          And here's a more comprehensive list of area markets that I just found....

      2. Mass Grown also list the farmers markets as well as other agricultural locations.

        1. Let me stick in a plug here for Edible Cape Cod magazine.

          The Spring isssue listed 11 farmer's markets on Cape Cod.

          Summer issue ought to be out soon, if it's not already.

          I get mine free at Bank of Cape Cod in Hyannis, not sure where else you'll find it.

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            Like most of the other Edible Community Publications, They have a great website and you can read it on line.



          2. Don't bother to go to the market in Chatham. We were terribly disappointed this past Tuesday. The market had hardly any produce! There were a bunch of stalls selling baked goods, flowers, granola and herbs, but seriously hardly any veggies and no fruits. I bought a bag a pea shoots for $4 and a couple of little cucumbers for $1 from one guy because I was counting on something from the market for dinner. There was one guy selling shellfish and another with cheese. I didn't check these out. In my mind, farmer's market means produce primarily.

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              We just went to the Provincetown Market and it seemed like they had more meat, eggs and cheese but fewer veggies than last year- only one decent sized stand but they were selling hot house tomatoes! (The Stop and Shop here has Vermont tomatoes that are gorgeous!) Last year was definitely better. I can't help thinking the the popularity of CSA's is impacting the small farmer's ability or desire to drive a great distance to a farmers market when they have a large part of the crop already spoken for.

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                As far as tomatoes go, this spring was very wet and cold. The heat loving crops are a few weeks behind schedule. It shouldn't be long til they're bountiful, I can't wait ! But the cool weather crops were incredible.

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                  Our CSA has managed to supply us with delicious tomatoes for several weeks now. The ones today had that industrial look....