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Jun 21, 2011 02:27 PM

BBQ Sauces?

Yes, I know, "if the BBQ is so good you don't need sauces." I got that, But are there any sauces that's not too sweet and you can buy it form the local markets? name brand or not, it does not matter. What are some of your preferences?

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  1. I ALWAYS make my own and have quite a repetoire of various sauce recipes ranging from the more exotic from northern Africa to Kansas City to Memphis to the Balkans...

    After rubbing ribs (and chicken) I love slathering them with sauces. Mmmmmm.

    1. my current favorite is Bone Suckin Sauce...

      and i go here for others to try...

      1. Gates and Bryant's, both from KC are good and not very sweet.

        1. Stubb's is not sweet. A bit watery, as I recall from my one experience.