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Jun 21, 2011 02:15 PM

La Esquina Criolla, Corona Queens

This Argentinean steak house is still my favorite restaurant, I have been coming here about twice a month for close to ten years.

Its got amazing steak, its not expensive, and never a wait for a table. You come here for the steaks and meats, nothing else. Don't get the appetizers, dont get the wine, don't get the fish or pasta, they are all pretty average. The flank steak for two (21 dollars) feeds me and my three kids and is my favorite. The various grills and platters (sweetbreads, sausages, and various cuts of meat) are huge and equally as good as the flank steak.

The flank steak, a quilmes beer (pretty bad beer, but when in rome), and some chimichurri sauce is all I need to be happy.

This is not Peter Lugers, its much more of a simple cheap very amazing steak. Oh, and they take credit cards. They also are a butcher and sell meats.

Here is the cook, minding the grill. He seems to always be here.

Its at the corner of Corona Ave and Junction Blvd

La Esquina Criolla
94-67 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11373

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  1. I agree with you about the place have eaten there numerous times over the last decade. Despite ownership having changed hands, I believe they were bought by the owner of El Gauchito across the street, they remain a terrific place for the Argentine steak experience. My only disagreement is that I enjoy the empanada's but request that they warm them on the grill not in the microwave. When I recommend the place to others I suggest they go next door to Rio de la Plata for dessert. I love the bite size desserts especially the dulce de leche on sponge cake.

    El Gauchito
    94-60 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11373

    Rio de la Plata
    94-65 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11373

    1. Agreed. Esquina Criolla might be my favorite of the Argentine steakhouses. I like the no-frills atmosphere and prices. My usual is the entraƱa, ordered bien jugosa (juicy medium rare). The panqueques with dulce de leche are a nice way to finish.

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      1. re: E Eto

        Yes, the no thrills but warm atmosphere is part of the appeal. Reminds me of the small places in Buenos Aries.

        I have tried Bocca Juniors on Queens Blvd once and was not impressed.

        StuartLafonda: Yes, the empanadas on the grill are good, thanks for pointing that out. My family gets them that way.

        Boca Junior
        81-08 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11373

        1. re: driggs

          It's our family's favorite South American steakhouse too. Our favorite dishes are pretty much same as mentioned above: the skirt steak for two, a grilled sausage plate or just blood sausages, sweetbreads, empanadas to share. The atmosphere is very cheerful, maybe because we all love their sangria.
          We prefer this restaurant to all other well-known names in the neighborhood. Sometimes there is a line around the corner on a Friday night, but we don't mind.
          Interestingly, they wouldn't identify themselves as Argentine: they are proudly Uruguayan! Can anyone please explain the major differences?

          1. re: diprey11

            There is really no difference in the food or culturally. The accents are the same. Uruguay and Argentina used to be part of the same Spanish province but due to a variety of wars et all became different independent countries.

            Most of the waitresses are from Argentina, and during the world cup large the crowd was as pro Argentina as Uruguay.

            The cafes and food in Montevideo is almost exactly the same as Buenos Aries, its just a more relaxed smaller city. Less Italian influences, but as far a steak houses go its all the same