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Jun 21, 2011 01:11 PM

Best Spots to score great Sausage in Winnipeg

Well, this is a topic that I could go on and on about.......
The North end of Winnipeg usually satisfies my sausage cravings...but I know there are many a spot throughout the city.
Current favorites:
Karpaty (Bannerman& Mc Gregor) Best Smokies..hands down...all glistening and warm right out of the smoker. They also do a very meaty delicious coarse garlic sausage.
Wawel(Selkirk ave) : Great ham sausage for sandwiches and salami, Coarse garlic sausage is mighty tasty.
Tenderloin meats(Main St): Meaty garlic sausage rings, moist and chock full of ham. They also have a tasty all beef salami, wonderful corned beef(Tastes less salty than most other brands)
W.O.C> (Winnipeg Old Country)on Dufferin: Great spot to hit up for salami, pepperoni, ham name it. been around forever.
European meats (Burrows); Additive Dobreceini (sp?) a smokie..great on the grill.
Striker's (Burrows): Best pepperoni ever!!! You can buy them fresh or already dried. You can keep them out on the counter at home for a couple of days(If they last) ..if you prefer. They also have a Killer homemade beef less so. Pretty terrific.
Most of the above mentioned spots are closed on ahead.
If you can't make to all the above stores at their original locations....There are a few places around town that carry some of the products:
i.e. Tenderloin products can be found at Harvest Bakery on Grant Ave
Wpg Old Country products at Price Chopper on Stafford
But sometimes...nothing beats a "Sausage Run" to the good ol' North end.
Anyone one else have any favorites?

Karpaty's closes for the month of July as a rule to allow their employees vacation
That reminds me...better stock up on those smokies (freeze well)

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  1. I'll add Portage Meat & Sausage Deli on the north side of Portage @ Sherburn. Their wall of hanging sausages is breathtaking! My personal favourites include their andouille, pastrami, and in-house made bacon.

    Great thread! I'm in Calgary now and I've got to say that Winnipeg's got it good when it comes to these old-school delis. I always load up on my deli meats whenever I come back to visit.

    1. For the best Kielbassa on the planet, you'll want to go to Central Meats, at the eastern side of the Nairn overpass.

      My parents went there before I was born, I've been going there ever since, and now, my 19-year-old son swears it'll be the only place he ever goes.

      They also have a huge selection of every other kind of sausage you can think of, as well as regular meats, pickles from all over eastern Europe, pirogies, farmer sausage, saurkraut, and tons of (again) eastern European chocolate.

      I buy marrow bones for my dogs there, as well, as they'll cut them to whatever length I want.

      They are also one of the few places you can find pork button ribs, which are killer on the bbq.

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      1. re: bubster

        Thanks for the tips bubster.
        How do you do those pork button strips on the grill. What a great idea! Do you marinade them?
        I have only had them breaded, sauted then finished in the oven (Mother's rendition)

        1. re: easily amused

          Hi Easy
          Oh, they're the best.......the pork equivalent of chicken wings.

          All I do is basically give them a dry rub of garlic powder, chili powder, and a little salt and pepper, and throw them on the grill. Just a couple of minutes on each side, because they're so thin, and you're good to go. I've also given them a last minute brush with a little bbq sauce.

          They can be a finicky to grill......where I get them, they are sold in 2-3 pound frozen blocks, and are made up of strips of buttons anywhere from a foot long, to and inch or two.......the short ones like to fall through the grill. To prevent that, I tend to eat all the short ones as soon as they're cooked.

          The kids love them, because there's no other way the eat them other than by digging in with your fingers.

          You could flavor them with ANYTHING, though......whatever you can dream up.

          Good luck

      2. We used to love Zagreb, but it closed a long time ago. Apparently the people who used to work there are spread out all over the place now.

        We like Central Meats and Karpaty, too. Haven't been to the others.

        For Portuguese chouri├žo, we like the Portuguese Fish & Food Market.

        I wish I could find a good source of Spanish chorizo and other Spanish sausages.

        1. I'm obsessed with Stonewood Elk Products' garlic sausage and smokies right now. Best place to buy it is at Crampton's on Waverley and Bishop Grandin.

          When I'm in a rush I grab Wikler Meats' farmer sausage smokies from Safeway.