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Jun 21, 2011 01:09 PM

Recs for FVG: Cormons, Gorizia, Collio and Udine

We will be staying 4 nights in FVG in October and tourign around Cormons, Gorizia, Collio area and Udine. Any recommendations for great meals or wineries or other food-related stops would be greatly appreciated. Frankly, ANY recommendations (other than hotels and transport) for the area would be appreciated!


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  1. Antica Trattoria Boschetti in Tricesimo, 10 km. north of Udine, very easy to find.

    An undiscovered gem (although a great write up in Gambero Rosso). Rinaldo Krcivoj is the consummate host and is passionate about keeping the traditional Friulani dishes (and is very knowledgeable about Friulani wines). His chef, Marco Coccolo knows how to cook them exquisitely. Fantastic ingredients: fish from Grado is a decent part of the menu, but so are game birds, fowl and meat. Excellent pastas. The frico con lardo di Carnia is addictive and to die for (and you will if you eat too much). Prosciutto from San Daniele of course. An excellent wine list at very moderate prices.

    The restaurant, seating about 40, is very nicely appointed, and behind a bar... think Hosteria Giusti in Modena and the late great Peppino Cantarelli in Samboseto which are/were behind alimentari.

    We've been going to Friuli for 30 years and this is by far our favorite because Rinaldo has never let down when it comes to serving food with great flavors, well prepared, well thought out combinations, plated very nicely without being cute, excellent friendly service (if you don't speak Italian, Rinaldo speaks English) and moderately priced. This really is a gem. Everyone we've ever sent there has made it a point to have a second dinner there on their trip to Friuli. Seriously.


    1. Hi ekc, I'm from Udine and I hope to help you.
      Collio and Cormons are know for wine production, so you cannot have diffculty to find a good winery there... About the restaurants: one of the bests is "Da Nando" near Udine (, but my favourites are: La Frasca...excellent meat ( and Villafredda ( excellent food,wines, atmosphere. If you'll go near mountains, don't forget to try typical local dishes like "polenta e frico", "cjarsons" etc..
      Places to visit: first of all, here, in 1 hour by machine you are in the mountains or in the you can visit both... Udine, Cividale del Friuli, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Grado, Forni di Sopra, Gorizia. For any info you can contact me.

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        Thanks to you both for your suggestions - I will add them to our list!

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          Just as a side note. Rinaldo's wife Guja, before she retired, owned the Vllafredda restaurant. It was excellent. We have not been there since the Braidots bought it.

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          Thanks B - already have it printed!